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Start wondering if you are too

I have a question… Do any of you all ever look at your sz family member’s illness and start wondering if you are the same because you think you see similarities in yourself?

One of the questions they asked the open group at our NAMI Family to Family course was if anyone sees symptoms in themselves.

Our lead person was so straight to the point, when she asked the group and no one responded, her eyebrows went up and she said “Seriously, none of you?” She looked said to her co-presenters " Well, that’s a first".

She went on to say that there is a big difference in seeing symptoms in yourself and those same symptoms being severe enough to require medications to get through the day.

Our class had so many families in severe crisis mode I think many of us could only absorb so much. You hear about other classes and how they kept in touch afterwards for years, our class wasn’t like that at all.

Now that we understand more about paranoia, my husband sees it in himself and in his dad and brothers.


Oh yes. When we (my son’s father and I) were first learning about this and reading alot we both were like ummm - I kinda have that going on as well. Of course my son’s was many times more than mine. I do believe his father had a MI when I was with him. He would likely agree. He seems to have it under control these days.

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Not only do I see a lot of similarities, the biggest worry I have is if one day I become mentally incapacitated and unable to take care of them. Then I realize after reading at some of the really great advice in this forum. We are more likely to become better at understanding and managing the illness, not just for our loved ones but also for ourselves.