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Just to say hello~~~~~

Hello Everyone*
It has been a very long time since I visited this site. Really missed it! It is the only place that I can come to talk and listen…
Short history: I have a son with paranoid sz.He is 42 years old—diagnosed at 19. He has been in and out of hospitals and jails since then. He is living in a small house that my sister bought for him. Best solution for him as he was evicted from every place he ever lived in.
He has never been med compliant. Currently he is in a down spiral. He also has a dual diagnosis. When he is med compliant, he is his old self.
Don’t want to make this any longer!
See a few people on here from the last time…
Also wondering——do we have to stick to the family discussions? I used to have some wonderful conversations with a few people who were diagnosed. This helped me tremendously!
My son never opens up and it helped to know that HE was not alone. Also helped in trying to figure out how my son was feeling…
Thank you!


Welcome back to the forum. Just another parent here, hope you get the response you are.looking for. Take care AnnieNorCal


Hi bridgecomet,

Welcome back:) While this side of the forum is the Family and Caregiver side, we do have a regular member who started a thread named “Ask a Schizophrenic” her name is ZombieMombie. You might want to try posting on her thread or on the “other” side of the forum, she would be the best person to ask about how welcome you would be on the other forum.

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Thank you!**********

Hi I remember your user name!

My understanding is that participation on any other forum is okay except for the one SPECIFICALLY set aside for people who are diagnosed.

Hi @bridgecomet, It’s really good to hear from you. I’m sorry your son is in a down spiral.

Like @Vallpen wrote, the other forum has a topic area specifically for people who are diagnosed and all the other topics are open. I liked it when the forum was all together. Luckily, some people who mostly post on the non-family forum also come to the family forum and post.

I learned so much from these forums, especially the people who have psychosis spectrum diagnoses.

Again, I’m really happy you checked in :slight_smile:

H! I remember you too!
I also liked it when we were all together…

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I also have a 44 year old son who has his own house. He has been unmedicated for over a year. He was doing quite well for quite a long time. Now he’s so delusional that you can’t talk to him at all . He threw out everything in the house all cuberts are emty. No furniture is left threw out his bed. He gets a disability pention he spends it in one day then says people come into his house an steel all his money and food he can’t keep any food in the house because the home invasion poison all the food. He is not looking good at all. I live in toronto canada. Atvhis last hospital stay I had a comunity treatment order don that he had to get an injection every month after six months he got some lawyer who had it revoked do to a technicality that my son was not given the sighned form. I was given the forms because I was the designated caregiver. The illness was not even mentioned. This system has completely failed my son. Now I don’t know what will happen to him.

So familiar! My son is in the hospital now. He called the police himself.
I am learning to let go of a lot of things concerning his life.
Even though he is delusional, he is still in there! I’m starting to realize that he still wants the same things as anyone else. He’s already told me that he doesn’t want my help unless he asks for it.
After all this time—it hasn’t made any difference what I do, he has to do this himself.
I will say that his substance and alcohol abuse has made things much more difficult!!!
I’m rambling but, guess I just want to say that my son says the same kinds of things…he really wants to be treated like everyone else-and to just listen to him.

I am so sorry all your hard work was undone. If you have done the best you can do, you might not be able to do anything else other than to take care of yourself. It sounds like he is out of control, and there may be nothing you can do other than to try to get him force medicated again. And this time make sure he is given the papers so he can’t get it undone.

In my own situation, I have learned that ONLY force medication will improve the unmedicated behavior. I am going to do my best to make sure my loved one stays on meds.

Good luck.