States that offer schizophrenics stable supervised housing options

Are there any caregivers on here who found stable supervised housing for their schizophrenic loved ones? Or are there professionals on here who could guide me to the US states that are making headway on this? I am in desperate need for a housing solution for my son who can no longer live with me and doesn’t have funds or a clear criminal record in order to lease a place. He also needs supervison with behaviors that could be self-harming.

The only persons I know who are in supervised housing were gotten into them by a social worker from a hospital where the person was involuntarily admitted by Baker Act. They left the hospital and went to a bed that was open at the time. One was under 18 and the social worker found a place that took disability payments for minor care. The other is a 41 year old male in Pinellas Hope housing. but he is pretty capable for a person with schizophrenia. He is supposed to come daily at 8:30 for his medicine, but usually doesn’t.

I don’t know how it works, but my cousin with sz committed crime against another man 25 or so years ago in WA. Instead of prison he was put in a state hospital. And the last 5-8 years or so he has been in a “halfway house” with the goal of him living on his own eventually, but so far living on his own doesn’t seem like it will ever happen.

Thanks, greyeyed123, for the information.

Thanks, oldladyblue, for the information.

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Good luck @lhead55 . A bit of other info, when my daughter was Baker Acted the 3rd time, the social worker at the hospital found a bed for her at The Boley Center Housing – Boley Centers . However, my daughter refused to go there and so lost her bed, as participation at Boley had to be willing consent. She was moved to the front of the waiting list which had 122 women on it at the time, because of the hospitalization and social worker. When she refused to go, she lost her spot.

My husband and I own our home, and we renovated it a bit to create a studio apartment for her with a back door. She still lives with us there.

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If you can get him on disability (SSD), then he would get Medicaid, Snap (food voucher) and perhaps find housing for him.

I haven’t but they are there…somewhere. A couple in our Nami learning
group at the time found something for their 24 year old son in Missouri from
CA, I didnt pay that much attention, as my son was 16 and it was all so devestating. In Idaho, you can pay $150 and become a “home”, where
you can get paid for taking care of family member and get paid by state to take care of another, so you or someone could take another schitzophrenic, and I believe if 2 adults they could have 4 in their house. I keep considering it, as if you could find someone that somehow relates a bit to your own kid, they
d have a partial friend, and you could help both.