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Would anybody rent a place to my son

My son is homeless. Denies treatment and has no insight. He is delusional but functional. He lives in another state., Maryland. As winter is a few months away I would like to find him a place for him to at least sleep. I would pay for something basic… He doest not want to go to shelters. Would anybody rent a place to a person like him?

Yes, there are people who rent rooms or apartments who are compassionate to those with MI. I helped a friend of mine (who has a son with SMI) to find him a place. I was honest with the landlords I contacted, who were really only concerned that the rent would be paid and the other tenants would not be disturbed. You should be able to find him a place.

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thanks for your kind words . I hope I can find something.

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I hope you find something easily, but if not, keep trying as there will be someone out there who will rent to you/him. I’m sorry you are going through this problem.

My 48-year-old son diagnosed with SFI paranoid Sczhizophrenia is currently in a group home with the county mental health agency.

He is doing much better.

Don’t give up! It took 20 years before I could say she’s more stable on meds and we’d with housing.


My son with schizophrenia lives in residential
care with mental health services including psychiatry, a psychologist, medical doctor, meds, exercise program, dietician and provided meals and activities. He has his own room. This after being homeless, non med compliant, self medicating, multiple hospital stays and a severe accident from his mental illness. We tried living at home, group homes, wrap services, his own apartment and nothing compares to the stability this current program has offered. It took 2 years to stabilize him with no hospitalizations. After nearly a decade of mayhem, we have our son back. He likes it there and he’s safe. My point being if you’re going to pay for housing find a program that offers care for mental illness. Housing is easy to find but not a long term solution to schizophrenia. It takes a 24/7 village of educated clinicians to manage this disease safely. It’s well worth the cost, peace of mind and wellness.


Where do you live that you have access to these services? We live in Wisconsin. Our son with schizoaffective is connected with the county program. He has a case worker and AODA counselor who sort of keep track of him. He gets monthly injections and picks up his oral meds twice a week. But he lives alone in low income housing and we constantly live in fear of being evicted. He does not clean his home. He continues to have minor relapses with drugs and alcohol. I wish we had a more comprehensive program like yours.

I recommend applying for disability. I know it’s a long process but worth it in the end. It opens up so many other services such as low income housing.

He is not cooperating with getting services. That makes everything difficult

Sounds like you are describing my boyfriend.