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Still refusing to see us

Short version - 18 years ago, hubby was diagnosed as schizophrenic. On and off meds, does well most of time. Age 60 now. 6 months ago, began forgetting things, changed personality in ways. Then begin claiming I have been replaced by an imposter and our grown kids too. 5 weeks ago, he was involuntary committed and I told them about the severe Capgras things. After a month, they began forced meds of Zyprexa and BENADRYL. I’ve read that those 2 meds are notorious for making Lewy Body Dementia Delusions and hallucinations worse. Sure enough, he got much worse just a couple of days after being medicated. UPDATE: They stopped the Benadryl and added Depakote. He still refuses to allow us to visit or talk to us on the phone. Today makes 6 weeks since he was admitted. They told me yesterday that he is being referred to a neurologist since the Capgras Delusions of imposters are still so fixed. He is calm, is now showering and communicating with them. Also taking his meds. Has anybody heard of a schizophrenic person getting dementia also? Thank you.


That’s a long time.

I’m glad he’s being seen by a neurologist.

While I say my MIL had scz, my husband insists she was a psychopath.

Either way, she developed vascular dementia in her late 60’s. Her geriatric evaluation that diagnosed her vascular dementia said “vascular dementia and an underlying psychiatric disorder”.

@hope. You are the first person I’ve ever heard mention dementia and schizophrenia as being in one person. From everything I’ve read, he has had the dementia (with Capgras) along side the schizophrenia. I’m making myself notes to ask when I meet with his doctor for sure!

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Since my MIL’s sister was diagnosed with scz- and MIL was always claiming people had said things they had not said, what my husband sees as total lack of empathy was probably a negative symptom.

It’s hard for my husband to look back and see it. He believes she was just a chronic liar.

I wonder if shortened life expectancy is why we don’t see more dementia?

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