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Stopped Meds, Booted From Shelter, Freezing Temperatures, People Walk By

Is anyone familiar with Housing First? Its mentioned in this article.

No - but sounds like a good idea:

Yes, Housing First is a great idea and I am 100% for it.

Salt Lake City, Utah has done this to some extent. The city where I live is building one place with forty units or so.


I have most often heard it referenced when talking about homeless veterans.

What caught my interest was the website talks about homes for unmedicated people with severe brain disease. Personally, for those of us with unmedicated loved ones suffering from scz, there often isn’t a place for them to live.

Places similar to halfway houses for those with severe brain diseases, usually require meds as a condition of residence.

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Housing First model gets people into stable places to live, THEN or concurrently starts to work on treatment, etc. Makes total sense to get people’s living situation stabilized as first step.

@hope, Right, most “homes” won’t take people who are not medicated, nor will most medical practices.