Straight Needing Understanding

I am looking for understanding about sz. I enjoy the company of someone who has it. Can anyone describe what it might be like in their mind for them? Best I can gather they’ve had it approx 10 yrs, been hospitalized and released, refuses medication, etc. I would like to help this individual but am unsure how to approach it. I do not want to scare them aware.

It’s a pretty broad range of different experiences he might have. The only way to find out is to ask him.

Thought broadcasting
Talking to religious figures
Imaginary friends
Disorganized thoughts
Misperceptions of reality

The list goes on.

If they’ve had it for that long they’ve probably sorted out how to best describe it.

If they have told you about their diagnosis themselves you can easily ask them about it. Might want to make sure it’s in a private setting.

Misperceptions of reality and delusions for sure are two that are apparent to me. This person is my coworker at a casual part time job I’ve taken for the summer.
He doesn’t shower regularly. Is this part of his depression? He seems to have no other aversion to water I have seen. He’s extremely smart. However, from what I’ve pieced together he thinks his spleen is out to get him. I know he hears voices because I’ve told him to firmly just say NO to them if they’re saying something that sounds unpleasant to him. He says a firm NO quite often now and resumes conversation in reality.
He does not say much about his family (parents) but has two younger brothers. Seems to me he has been on his on a very long time and he’s just approaching 30 at the end of the month.
I worry about him.

What is thought broadcasting?
He believes if he thinks positive I will be safe if that helps. He’s mentioned that.

He might feel he can influence your mind or experience with his. Without meds he’s probably just doing what he has to do inside.

Thought broadcasting is the delusion that everyone can see through you hear your thoughts and know what you feel. Like in essence they have access to the total perception the you have.

It’s a switch that gets flipped and it’s hard as hell to come back from that perspective.

No feeling of privacy, you get a false embarrassment just trying to sort your shit out when the “mind readers” seem to have it all figured out.

I’ve got that shit and it sucks.

Most of the time people with schizophrenia will develop an irrational fear of other people,
either because they don’t want to let them see how they really are,

or that this person will turn on them and force them in the hospital, and then there is
the schizophrenic who doesn’t realize anything is wrong with him,

and he might profoundly need help that no one can offer but medication. It’s best to
be consistent and sane, and maintain your normalcy. Hopefully he will confide in you.

I asked him what he did this past weekend.
His reply, “Fought with myself”.

I cracked up. So did he but he meant it. He talks a lot about good energy and bad energy. He thinks things like crystals can direct energy either way. I don’t think he worries about whether I can hear what goes on in his head. He’s said he will never tell me. So, from that I’m fairly certain he can tell that difference?

He knows he has a mental illness and what it is. But he cannot tell what is his illness talking and what is not. I have encouraged him to get to his Dr since the moment he’s told me about his sz. I don’t push it down his throat but have told him if he ever wants to go to his Dr I would happily go with him if he wanted. He is afraid they will hospitalize him. I think at his age (29) he can choose for himself. He harms no one including himself. I think they will try him on various meds until they find the right ones. He’s tried some and has hated them, preferring his life with the voices. I think of he has support through the course of it there may be hope for this bright young fella.

Also, is it usually a trauma that triggers sz? Or is it all brain chemistry?

Yeah probably. Two worlds . It’s real , it’s not you process both. That’s if he has thought broadcasting.

Thank you so much. I’m so glad I’ve found this site. I’m learning already.

Some people are just strange enough to earn the diagnosis.

Some would probably say if he can function without meds he’s not sz.

It can a noble thing to say I’m just going to live like this, and suffer through it, and that may seem like the only option,

but in fact there are lots of options:

talking to a priest.
talking to a nurse at your family doctor.
talking to your landlord.
talking to an old friend from high school.
talking to an old teacher.

These are every day people who can make a difference if he doesn’t want to talk with a psychiatrist, and if he feels he can just live with his condition. Most likely he will get advice that puts him on the right track, toward being good to himself, loving life, and not taking it all so hard.

Very good advice. when I first started hearing voices and thought it was real, I told a close friend and co-worker of mine. I’ll always remember what he responded “You probably don’t want to mention that to anyone.” At least you sound like a good friend!

If he has any insight, than these symptoms are just a bother. If you have made it that far, you are doing. good

Just be careful, I made it years without medication, and I took supplements to sleep, melatonin etc.
If he can sleep, interacting with him will be easier…

I found out that I could not take my supplements once I was on meds, “could not fill the chasm” so some sort of bridge is needed.

Yeah people don’t know how to handle it.

I’m starting blank state by default. No thoughts or anything.

It’s pretty nice.

I asked him how he sleeps. He said ok. How would I tell the difference? Increase in anxiety or would he respond more frequently to the voices in his head?

I have been very clear on there being MANY options available to him! And I’ve offered to stand by him should he want to explore any of them. At this point I’d take him myself.
I do not know his family or any of his friends. He has no phone. I told him he must have one. He was cut off his Assisted Income for the Severely Hadicapp (we are Canadian) because he didn’t report two months of earned income from a part time job. However, he is in the system so it’s a matter of a few phone calls and paperwork. I’m encouraging the calls be made as he needs money. He currently lives in a small u insulated travel trailer (& did last winter before I met him). Did I meniton we are in Canada! Our winters are brutal!!! I will do my absolute best to have him out of that before the snow flies even if it means bringing him to my home.

So you have sz SoitGoes or, are you a family member of someone who does? Course you don’t have to answer that if you are not comfortable. And thank you for talking to me😊

I don’t really know. Seems to be going away as I adapt to the telepathic perspective.

Been a hellish couple of years. Finding peace.

Wish it’d just shut up whatever it is. Constant psychoanalysis.