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Suicide Thoughts

My adult son is bipolar and schizophrenia. This week he has cleaned his room. He threw everything away. All his clothes, all his belongs from his room. His room is empty, except for the furniture. Is this a sign of suicide?

Last month his room was really dirty. Garbage everywhere. There was even dog urine and feces on the floor. He was dirty himself. Won’t bathe, change clothes, shave. He slept all day. Wasn’t eating. He’s lost weight.

This week, he showers several times a day. Is cleaning his room, and throwing all his belongings away a sign of suicide? I don’t know what he’s thinking, he won’t talk to me. He writes everything down on a piece of paper, and leaves it on the island in the kitchen. Like things he needs, socks, t-shirt, toothbrush, candy, water etc.

He is constantly looking out the front window for hours. Still talking to himself. Seeing and hearing things.

Should I be concerned about this? In my opinion it’s a sign of suicide. I really don’t know. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you so much for helping out. You guys have been so helpful. I have no one to turn to.

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Hi. I hope your hunch is wrong.

To me this all sounds like the bipolar part of his illness is causing him to go in and out of manic phases. My son also has schizoaffective disorder. His moods and behaviors change as well.

Is your son medicated? Have you asked him straight out if he’s feeling unsafe?


My son will do the sudden cleaning thing. It always strikes me as a manic phase.

In our house we keep as much locked up as possible (knives, razors, medicines), and we only leave him alone for short periods of time. I don’t know if that is possible for you to do.

Best wishes to you and your son.


I hope everything goes okay. I agree with the suggestion to remove or lock up any means of self harm. We do the same at our house.


No he is not medicated. He refuses to see a doctor. Last time he cleaned his room, he ran in front of a moving semi truck. He is not talking to anyone right now, so I can’t get a answer from him on how he is feeling. I just don’t know what to do.

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It does sound as though you know this is a bad sign from experience.


Sounds like he needs help. he may be suicidal. I would contact the local authority as soon as possible or mental Crisis center in your area.


I can only guess how worried you are, given past history.

Unfortunately, in our current system, I think there is probably not much you will be able to do except watch and wait. It could be difficult to have him hospitalized based on the fact that he cleaned up.

If you have anything that you can use to support the idea that he is a danger to himself, then you can try to get him hospitalized. Of course it can be quite clear he is ill, but our system won’t “interfere” unless the person presents a potential danger to self or others, or unless the person seeks treatment.


I would suggest calling your mental health counseling center. It sounds like he may need to be admitted.

My son is currently in the hospital for psychosis. He was hearing voices and talking about suicide. Actually attempted suicide 2 months ago and thank God he didn’t die. Been in for 10 days and still hearing voices. I know how hard this is for you. My son got diagnosed 17 years ago.

If he gets violent then call 911. Had to do this twice. Never easy for him or us but necessary for everyone’s safety.

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Thank you so much for reading my message and getting back to me.
I think I have called everyone. I have called police several times. They wouldn’t take him to a hospital, they said it’s “kidnapping”. I never heard of such a thing. I even went to the police station and approach them about it. No CIT officer. I have called NAMI, Adult protection services, crisis center. Nobody seems to know what to do. They are telling me to get a guardianship. That cost money. He has a bench warrant out for his arrest, because he didn’t show up for court. I ended up going to court for him. They want him in jail to do a assessment. Then he is supposed to go to a state hospital for treatment. I called the clerk’s office to see what’s going on with his case, she also mentioned the bench warrant. But if I check the police department, they said there is no bench warrant. I even went to the hospital asked to speak to a social worker, that didn’t happen because of HIPPA law. I tried to get in touch with the doctor he had the last time when he was admitted, that didn’t happen. I am trying everything I can, but nothing is happening. I am scared it’s going to be to late before he finally gets help. He refuses to see a doctor or take medicine. I even quit work to take care of him 24/7. I am very worried about this situation. My family doesn’t come around or call. I can’t see my grandkids. My husband hates our son. He’s no support. NAMI support group is 2 hours away, can’t go to those meetings. I am on my own. I do see a therapist once a week. That helps, but she doesn’t know very much. She’s learning things from me.I really don’t know what to do. Thanks for your support.


I know a lot of us have had similar experiences to this.
Unfortunately, I can’t offer any solid advice. The only thing I think myself and my family did right for my SzA brother was to keep talking to him about how he was feeling, what he has been doing and whether his lifestyle was a good one that offered him some peace of mind and some happiness.
But I think it’s up to the diagnosed person to realize that their lifestyle isn’t helping them and that they need to change how they go about their day to day.
Reassuring my SzA brother that I think he’s a good person who deserves to look forward to a positive future and find happiness and contentment every day was difficult. Most days, it seemed like he didn’t really want to hear it.

Keep trying to talk to him about how he feels about his life and his own self-image. Keep reassuring him that he deserves happiness and a positive view of the future.

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I am so sorry @Queen1. This is such a hard situation to deal with and you have done SO much. I wish I knew what to say. You are not on your own though - you have this forum and people who care about what you are going through. So much of what you wrote sounds so familiar.

Please keep us posted.

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I feel so sad for your situation I so get that its so hard to do everything yourself And how overwhelmingly it can be. I can relate to you not having any time for yourself. I also understand when people allthough well intentioned to try to get yourself sometime for yourself