Being in his room

I came across a post on reddit that it is better to be in someones room during psychosis. The reasoning was it helps the person to be better attached to reality.

Do you feel that is true, based on your experience?

My son always retreated to his room to be alone and deal with his symptoms on his own. That has worked well for him.

I could see that some people might do better if someone was with them. Its all so individual isn’t it?

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Thank you @hope, for always kindly answering my questions. I am truly grateful and your support means a lot to me.

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Yes, my 29 yr old son loves to be in his room. It seems he doesn’t like to be in the living room and hang out with us. Now his room is a filthy mess. We tend to go in there every couple of weeks and clean it up. He doesn’t mind though. He just can’t focus on doing it himself.

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