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Support group available?

Hi, wondering if anyone knows of a support group in the Northwest Indiana area. There used to be a NAMI group out here but no longer. I have a son with schizoaffective disorder & need someone to chat with. Maybe go out for weekly coffee. Very lonely, isolating and sometimes frightening living with him. Anyone live near Valparaiso Indiana?

Hi @Marymom - I’m not in Indiana but you can talk to us here on this forum until you find someone. Is your son on medications?

Yes, he gets an Invega injection every 3 weeks and it does help decrease the delusions.

What mg is he on? My son is on that monthly at 117. Is your son working or does he stay home? Are you working or are you both at home together : ) Mine is with me but he is able to work. He’s also off all drugs - but that is because he is on probation for obstruction of justice when the fake cops were arresting him for missing a court date for a speeding ticket. Glad that is in the past! I hope you will join some of the other conversations. We help each other a lot here on this forum.