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Taking Another Look at Clozapine


By the way, no resemblance whatsoever. But that is what he sees.


When my son was young, it was always difficult to get him to stop going down a path of bad choices once he started.
Punishment seemed to make things escalate.
Incentives just seemed to bounce off of him.


Lol, Hope, that reminds me so much of the things my son would say in the beginning, totally off the wall, always saying wasn’t his real mother, and I was in a gang, etc, etc… That has stopped for now, but I know with this illness you never know what to expect next.


That is a relief huh?


Wow seen that in the news. We were told that often our relatives will build a factual or topical event/people into their delusions.


My son when really ill before meds would point to my stomach saying “did I really come out of there”
He would ask was he a test tube baby?
He would ask was he “inbred”?

He asked was his dad his real Dad? He at times said he was being punished because his dads family must’ve been bad people (untrue) call his dad an imposter? Strange phrases to us but all very common symptoms.


@irene - I had to read his text a couple of times, at first glance I thought he was just asking if I had seen it on the news, looking closer I saw he was asking if I had seen my resemblance to the mom - lol- yes, what next, what next indeed.

@Mom2 quite a relief, when I replied “I hope not” he replied “kind of a striking similarity in her expression”

@Jane57 now I am wondering if he will build into his “being held here against his will” to include being chained to his bed.

Some of Jeb’s worst rants are kicked off by some political comment he reads. Many other caregivers have commented the same thing. One of my friends commented on some extreme opinion she had read about politics that had her outraged. I told her she might want to consider the possibility that she is reading the writing of someone with scz. Another friend with a family member with scz, her son is on the opposite side of things from Jeb. Good to know scz supports all sides of politics.


My family member’s politics change dramatically, 180 degrees, when they are very symptomatic.


That is the first time I have heard of someone doing that - wow.


Oh I really hope not Hope :worried:


And what will be next? Will he find someone to date who will believe all of his delusions about us?


It’s amazing how this affects our thoughts , us parents think in a different way than others, all brought on by our loved ones illness.


aww, @hope, doesn’t it all just break our hearts… Greatly because it is so random and inexplicable to us…


My son’s rage is always about the injustice that he feels someone is perpetrating. Often I can agree that what is happening IS unjust, but - the rage and the feeling that it affects him personally or that he is somehow tied to the events is just … well… can I say it… CRAZY.


My mom, who tries, but doesn’t get it. She asked if I was waiting “for the other shoe to drop” in regards to his moving out.

What a silly question from my Mom. While I used to think I was in a perpetual state of waiting for the next shoe to drop, I have come to believe that we all live in a land where it rains shoes.


EXACTLY - thank you for Vallpen, In one text he is asking for help, the next text I am being compared to a person who chained children to beds for years.


I could DEFINITELY see an image of someone standing under the clouds with shoes raining down on them…


and its ME!! lololol


LOL, hell let’s face it. We own a shoe store😄


LOL - now I am picturing all of us with shoes all around us. Good idea, lets sell them.

Its what we do isn’t it? We pick them up and try to box them when they land on us.

As we work to make order out of their chaos.