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Taking Another Look at Clozapine


That sounds about right when my son is unmedicated. I like it when they ask us to do this this and this and the next minute slam is for being controlling. It has to be hard for them to accept how much they need us too.


Its not like I can’t remember Jeb being medicated, I can - it was 3 days in the summer of 2014. He had been on Geodon for 3 days. He came into the kitchen, and played with his cat while he talked to us.


My husband said he had a fifteen minute phone conversation our son last week. It was remarkable. There is no indication that he has gained any insight.

He told me the other day that when he gets out he’d like to come to our house rather than his apartment. He said he was through listening to hip hop and that it didn’t help him.

I don’t think this is a good idea but I don’t want him to be afraid either. One day at a time.


I edited my son’s music collection when he was in the hospital - terrible of me, right? But some of that stuff, I KNOW was setting him off.


@Mom2 yes, I agree, probably not a good idea if you don’t think so, but no reason to say differently today.

@Vallpen Not terrible at all, I wish I could edit the politics mine reads. He called me a “neo-con” in one of his ranting texts. I had to look it up online to find out what it meant. One of my friends was called a “cishet” by her daughter who does not have a mental disease. She was highly offended and they had quite the row about it.

Maybe I should try to think of it as Jeb keeping up with his generation despite his scz.


Sorry I chuckled when I read that…my son has the same damaged doors and I too decided he can do without them lol! he punches walls, doors anything really, his knuckles are a mess, they look all swollen all the time. He says he is fighting back at the voices… I spent a week re decorating his flat, filling in all the holes and replacing all wall sockets, plug sockets. He has this thing with mirrors too sometimes, taking them all down and facing them to the wall…then the next week they are up again…
I had to get the council to replace all his kitchen cabinets because he attacked them with knives, over a period of weeks…
he took his headphones to pieces, his laptop, his phone…I decided he no longer needs them anyways…he has nothing to do with social media, friends, girls…I feel he is missing out :frowning:


I have done that in the past…it messed my head up and I quite like dance music…


Awww I do that…expect something wrong or damaged every time I visit…it is usually the case too…if I don’t see something I think he is just good at hiding it this time…He has a dinted fridge too and freezer and washer and bin…thats just the kitchen :frowning:


I worried about the new washer and dryer, silly with all the other damage. But the rest of the stuff is 3 years old. I guess he hadn’t gotten to the washer and dryer yet - or because he hated the first set (thought it was too cheap) maybe he felt attached to the new set.

I don’t know how he didn’t hurt himself messing with all the electrical stuff.


Hi All,
Sorry been away from pc for a couple days…

Can I ask does any of you have trouble with alcohol? not personally :slight_smile:

Like today my son went out for lunch with his carer and the carer rang me 1.5hrs after they had left to say Tom did not have any lunch but bought two pints of Stella for himself instead… Tuesday he had £30 then Wednesday he had nothing, I suspect he had bought booze from the shop…I know this is quite normal for a 30yr old but as we have had a manic weekend and he has been shouting and banging upsetting all his neighbours alcohol just weekens his medication and makes him worse… Tom has a addictive personality for : drink, drugs, painkillers, coke (the drink) coffee, anything that will lighten his mood…anyone else like this?

We have our first appointment tomorrow for his CBT. wish us luck …)


Yes, Jeb goes through cycles where he self medicates with Red Bull, coffee, anti-anxiety meds, and beer. He doesn’t pace himself, its large amounts in a short time. Then he will totally swear off of such things telling me how bad they are for him.

I do like it when he drinks large amounts of caffeine, those seem to be his better days.

Good luck with CBT tomorrow!


@Kathy - Yes my son would drink more if he could leave the house. I give him a few glasses of wine (small bottles) in the evening to take the edge off as he was drinking my live in boyfriends booze. Previous to diagnosis when he would leave the house and he purchased his own - he would drink quiet a bit but usually at home. We would only see the empty bottles.


Kathy, I wish you luck with CBT. Yes, my son has wanted alcohol in the past but sort of is beginning to realize it isn’t the best choice for him. Occasionally he still mention it but nothing like before.


Jeb sounds just like Tom ) he does the large amounts in a very short time and then the next day or a few days later he says how bad drink is and how he doesn’t like it…until next time!
Thank you for your replies guys and good wishes for today…I will let you know how it goes…)


“I do like it when he drinks large amounts of caffeine, those seem to be his better days.”

So caffeine helps Jeb? I try to eliminate caffeine. I switch his coffee to decaf in fact because he will drink the entire pot of coffee.


It really does, when Jeb is drinking coffee nonstop he is calmer.

Someone told me that caffeine has the opposite effect on kids with hyperactivity issues. Supposedly it calms them down,I don’t know if that’s true or not.

If it is true, maybe caffeine is having the same effect on Jeb’s scz.


My son has a habit of deciding he ‘needs’ certain things for ‘medicinal’ purposes - Coffee, chocolate and energy drinks have all been included in that at some point.


Our boy is 14…and is calmer with coffee or monster drinks.

We don’t permit the monster anymore…a coworker had a heart attack and died while drinking one on the job, the company lawyers no longer permit the drink on the job sites. We told him and so far he’s an absolute sweetie about not having them.

BUT, he still asks for coffee…daily.
I decided to teach him about “moderation”.

I don’t know what else to do.
I too love my morning coffee…
but hospitals don’t permit caffeine, and pdocs discourage it with his meds.

He is “better”…“different” with coffee on board.
Wakes him up a bit, and he’s cheery.

My 2 cents.


I heard that caffeine helps with ADHD. One dad said he gave his son cokes.


My grandson is doing great on 450 Clozapine he smokes also so I always encourage him to vape instead. Psyche doc says it’s better doesn’t get rid of the clozapine like cigarettes. Good luck. Clozapine has been a miracle for us