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Taking Another Look at Clozapine


Still unable to get my son to increase his dose to the level approved by his pDoc. The pDoc checked his levels and agreed it could be higher, and potentially more therapeutic, but my son won’t hear it. I don’t bring it up often, as it will only set him off.


I first posted around Christmas when my son was in the State hospital and they were going to start him on Closapine. Now it the middle of February, he is back home and improving some every day. It’s been a hassle making sure the doctors are monitoring his labs weekly and the Rx Can get filled again and he has gained weight. That being said, he is getting better. Day by day!!! I know its a scary choice but I have seen a few sides of my son that I have not seen in 10 years or more. Things like: he watched a football game (something he used to be afraid of) and actually commented on some of the plays!! It wasn’'t a mystical war of good and evil but a football game!!! Also, the other day I asked him if he had taken his am pill. He responded, yes, I took 3 today. I looked at him like what??? He was smiling and said, “Im joking mom. It’s just a joke!” He has not joked since he’s been sick. Also, he went outside one day and started clearing out our garden space and cleaning it up for spring. This was all on his own with no one suggesting it. I am so happy about these changes because it has on