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Talking in sleep and bad dreams

Hi ,My 22 year old sz son talks in his sleep and says he has bad dreams a lot of nights. He is med compliant, anyone else experience this?


Yes our son is home tonight because of this. He called me early and wanted me to come there. I invited him over and picked him up, fed him and suggested he bathe. He then settled in the couch and fell asleep. I hope he is able to sleep the night through. We’re trying to be around him as much as he will let us. He is noncompliant at present.
I’ve got my book out again. I’m not sick and I don’t need help. Hoping to learn ways to encourage him to get treatment but tonight just being around his dog and family helped.
God bless you guys too! G’nite

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Have not experienced that with my son (so far) but I would mention to his doctor, maybe he can help.

Hope you guys have a good nite too, family and their pets are so important.

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oh yes…,