Talking to the voices?

Does answer back to the voices help you to make them stop sooner? Or it’s useless?

It depends on the individual, it’s useless for me to do it they just get more ramped up I can talk to them internally as I can’t help it but talking aloud I find hard to do, I did when they first started and when I was in hospital on recommendation of a nurse but it just left me in too much of a state I’d stop talking at all because I couldn’t win.

But for some people it can be very helpful also allocating particular times of the day to talk to your voices apparently works, also if you’re in an acute state, like I was at first you don’t think they’re a symptom of an illness so you’re just talking aloud because you think people are talking to you and you just reply as you would to a person.

It varies and how you deal with the voices is individual whatever works in my opinion, you do it, whether its writing to them, talking aloud, no matter whatever everyone else thinks do what helps as you’re the one that has to live with them!

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The best way with schizophrenia is to stop believeing the voices. Listening to them and talking to them is the devils playground for delusions.

If I talk to them, my mind focuses on them more and that makes them stronger. If I ignore them and work hard to concentrate on the life outside my head they will give up and die down.

yes, talking to them makes them worse, then they start having heated conversations with you. Better to ignore them!

Thank you to all you guys for the answers.
I was also wondering…usually, how many voices do you hear together? And, can you hear them even when you’re not in a psychotic break? I mean, when you feel good, too? And what they usually say to you? I hope to have made myself clear!

I hear usually one male voice but sometimes hear female voice too, sometimes they laugh at me but they call me a hypocrite and a liar and a fake and tell me to go to hell and that im a bastard. bad stuff almost always and they sometimes, rarely, comment on my behaviour.
I can hear them when I feel good but rarely and very faint if it does come

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Has anyone ever had the headphones to understand what the schizophrenic has to live with. I was told nurses do this in school. I think I want to do this so I can understand my son. I think all caregivers in a nursinghome should do this. I took a tour of dementia one time. Has anyone heard of headphones I want my family to try to understand him

I can still remember this one guy in the hospital, if you want to know what they were saying to him.

He called the nurses in with a terrified look in his eyes, they asked him what was wrong, he said they were telling him they were going to cut his head off.

He didn’t know what to do, and neither did the nurses, i sat there knowing someone was really talking to him and had the nurses known who knows what they would have done.

Dude. 20 characters.

I’ve heard of this project. I don’t need to try the head phones, but my sis has been trying to find an educational program that has them. She also shows her friends some of clips on Youtube…

I don’t want to post them here because they might me triggering. But go to youtube and type in

Schizophrenic Simulations and three clips come up. They aren’t bad.

For me, it only makes things worse. They begin to mess with me and try to scare me with thoughts that I am going to lose my soul and that I am an evil person. I am constantly tortured by this. I try not to even acknowledge them, but I often fail. I would recommend trying to ignore them if you can. That’s just my opinion from my experience.