Targeted Individuals

Yes, he does talk to them more than to you, or any other real person in his life. My daughter did the same for years in her room alone. It is unfortunately common for those with schizophrenia to talk to their voices a lot!

Did you get a chance to read Dr. Amador’s book, as @Katherine suggested? There is a lot of information and many good suggestions in that book to help you cope. It is almost always best NOT to disagree with the delusions and hallucinations, the book gives some ideas of how to not inflame the situation through your responses to them. I read it several times and found help to calm me down and the rough situations in my house down too.

It is very very lonely to live with a person with delusions, who won’t or can’t hold a conversation with you. In answer to your question “Should I stay or should I go?” only you yourself can decide if you should leave your marriage, and whatever you decide will the be right choice for you.

Schizophrenic son also says that he is a targeted individual. He also reads the targeted individual sites gotten all the lingo down and made Instagram videos to help other targeted individuals. He talks like he is a kidnap victim, and the neighbors are all in on it listening to his phone calls. He says he’s a target of individual because he know too much about the government. Everything he says I just say “oh ok”
Or “I’m so sorry you’re going through this”
Also on his targeted individual sites they say don’t let people think that you’re crazy They will try to diagnose you with having schizophrenia but you’re not , you’re at target individual.

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That is what is most infuriating. Those sites are only feeding the illness and keeping people from getting the help they need. Even capitalizing by having “therapists” charge thousands of dollars who will agree with their delusions and offer more expensive ways to combat the targets, such as purchase expensive devices to “keep the perpetrators away.” My husband was punching holes in the walls too, the tv blared loudly 24 hours a day. Every response was defensive- blaming, victim mode. I learned what “enough “ was for me. It’s not easy at all to leave but I needed the space. Whoever came up with this term of Targeted Individual, and all its lingo had no idea how much their strong fears would destroy the core of families of those who really need help.

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