"Targeted Individual"


I’m new here today and am wondering if anyone has a loved one with sc who believes they are what they call a “targeted individual”…or TI as he says?..My son says there are groups of people stalking…“gang stalking” him as well as lots of others and that they communicate via satellite-he will point up in the sky at night and angrily yell at a specific star telling them to stay away or stop hurting his family etc…this is just one of his many symptoms but aside from the diff personalities his second major one…

Targeted Individuals

Tragically, this is such a common delusion that there are many people around the US who share it and have joined together to protest being targeted. You can even google it and see all kinds of information.


Yes for his sake Ive YouTubed it and watched and see exactly in their faces what I see in his when he tries to tell me…but the fact that their on there makes him think its evidence that its real. I just see a bunch of videos of people with a mental disorder but I can’t tell him that. Hard to know what to do-cant encourage but dont want to make them feel hopeless…


Yes, this is a common theme for my son. H has even called the police to report it and was ranting on FB so people would know hen he was gone. It does lesson under medication but he won’t take it.


My son also gets on fb and rants…he says unbelievable things to everyone on fb and i feel so bad for him cuz i know what they all think. He also talks a lot of being a descendant of the canary islanders…which he is not and how he has to go there as well as to Washington…very hard to see and sometimes it gets to me so bad that I feel im losing my mind along with him…:frowning:


My husband and I have questioned our own sanity on some days as well. I find if I don’t get a break every now and then, I might lose it. We make each other take a day a week for ourselves and we say, “don’t feel like you need to rush”. We haven’t always done this and have learned from experience how important it is to NOT isolate. I know I did this in the beginning because you feel so alone.
For the last 18 months, I get up at 6:00 am and walk with a couple of friends for an hour. It has really helped me so much. I sleep better and if I stop I find I get panic attacks.


I just watched a video about this:


The psychiatrist interviewed is really empathetic and realistic.


My husband believes he is a targeted individual and it has changed our lives. I am now separated from him because he was saying crazy things about people following him, trying to kill him, listening to him and mind control. I told him to get help or get out. I don’t believe these things are happening to him and I believe the counselor who said he has s serious mental illness. He refuses treatment and is miserable and angry all the time. Separating from him has given me some peace but he really believes all this mess.


Yes - if you believe you are being targeted, you could feel supported by watching this, and your delusions and fears are substantiated. Meanwhile the family is freaking out.


I just read the Wired article you mentioned:


I’m glad you have found a way to experience some peace.