Targeted Individuals


My husband believes he is a targeted individual. For about 10 years he has believed the government is out to get him. He believes his phone calls are being listened to, people are following him, our kids are being harassed, and because I as his wife don’t believe any of this he thinks I don’t love him. His family says he doesn’t have these worries around them so it must be my fault or provocation. He will stare down innocent people in the grocery store, gas station, fast food place- anywhere- throw the middle finger at people and shout obscenities. Even though he has been diagnosed as having a severe mental illness, he doesn’t believe anything is wrong with him. He threatens me with divorce often. He has found a group of targeted individuals on the internet and believes these strange things are really true. I hate to divorce him but I am so miserable that I can’t imagine what a future is like with this in our marriage. Is anyone else married to a man who believes he is being targeted? He wants me to love him as though nothing is wrong. I just can’t do that.


Hello, I’m sorry you’re going through this. I honestly think it’s okay to divorce for any reason, but it’s obviously your choice, your life, your reasons. There is a video in the following thread that I found really helpful in understanding the TI phenomenon. Your husband has zero insight into his illness and a bunch of support for his delusions; that is not a good situation for him or for you.

Here is a prior thread about this exact topic:


Thank you so much - I saw this and so has he. He thinks it’s great that now all these other people believe what he believes. I’m wracking my head about trying to figure out if I did something to provoke this in him? Like his family thinks. It’s just unreal the things he believes, and because I don’t believe him I don’t love him.
Wired magazine did a story about how these people think, and while the article didn’t offer any solutions it did describe quite well how a person thinks and feels with this "condition ". I’m just at a loss.


The Wired article you mentioned?