Tell us how you are today?


Are there any sorts of local classes he would try? Exercise, sewing, cooking? A short term class isn’t a long commitment.

Our local recycling center and Salvation army use volunteers. The recycling guys look more social with each other. None of them talk much - okay I’m exaggerating because they don’t talk at all when people bring the stuff in for recycling. They move the recycling materials around and help people unload. But they do stand around together from time to time, I look at them and wish Jeb had that much socialization in his life.

One sister in our FtF had started a monthly group on meetup (?) for her brother. I think it was advertised as for people with brain struggles. They just ate and hung out.


I planned one day off a week I set aside for me because I have a job, a husband and other children and also care for mom with AD.
However, my son now visits me on that day–most of the day. He lives on his own (yay) and wants to be part of the family (yay). But he saves everything up for one intense day. It is exhausting.
On the other hand, we are exhausted differently than a year ago when all hell broke loose.
Guess exhausted is just our new normal :persevere:


Yes that one day a week is golden to me. I do that on Sundays. I also have a full time job, a husband, and heck, just MY OWN DARN LIFE!

@hope, unfortunately, my son has been unwilling to try anything, even just a one day workshop. And then there is the problem of transportation. He doesn’t drive and refuses to try other kinds of transportation. Before he got sick he took the bus, and even when he was getting sick, he walked all over. But he won’t anymore.


Feeling depressed. I go for periods of kicking myself in the butt trying to continue my life but the last couple days I’ve had the feeling my son’s meds aren’t working quite as well and I’m not sure what to do. This puts such a strain on my marriage since we both worry so much. If I thought my son even thought he was ill and was willing to try new things for his own benefit that would give me some hope but he thinks it’s perfectly normal to have literal conversations with God. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day and I’ll kick myself in the butt and get out of this funk.


I really hate to keep bringing up this moon issue. Unfortunately, I do think it’s real and yes, there’s a full moon on the way.

It’s not one of the really close ones where my son struggles so much , but it does seem that some of our loved ones are affected somewhat by all of the full moons.

I wonder how many people get their meds increased when the moon is causing the disruption.

Our brains are made up of a heavy percentage of water, just like our bodies.

Just saying


Its so painful, isnt it! My son seems to regularly converse with Trump, spy chiefs, and aliens. And it just makes him angry to suggest a mere doubt about those things happening.


@Squid - Have you tried not drinking coffee for your tummy issue? (You may not already). I had the most awful stomach pain (from Ibuprophen). My doctor said heartburn meds for a month. That didn’t work. I tried Chinese herbs and got off coffee. It took a year but my stomach is all better! And I can drink decaf again.


I was having some depression last summer. Being that I’m going or have gone thru “the change” and I’m thinking many of us here are mid-aged ladies, I thought I’d mention this. It was brought to my attention to take Black Cohosh and that helped. For some reason they recommend to take with Folic acid (I think for absorbtion). I’m getting some sarcosine in me as well. I’m making the shakes for my son - I make 2 that are the same. He can pick one.


Yup - my friends at the hospital see an increase of patients (not MI specific) during the full moons.


It is very painful. My son talks to God and angels. Same thing with him, he becomes angry when he sees my doubt. As if this isn’t enough, we still haven’t begun to figure out what to do for him once we are gone. There are very few resources here that I have been able to find to help.


You’re our resident monologist :new_moon::blush: I am interested in these updates.
I hope this next phase passes easily for your son and you.


Yes, saw that big old moon just a bit ago. Not that it helps much but the Alzheimer group I belong to mentions the dread of the full moon for AD patients… so from this I conclude you are right. :smiley: Sorry. :weary:


Yes- you are correct - it’s good and bad, good to know it’s approaching, bad when it happens.

My son’s worst cycles are kicked off with the really close moons. I just looked at the moon also…

My husband was not amused when Jeb slapped our garage door and tore down a security camera when the early January full moon occurred. I kept pointing out that the moon theory was correct while he tried to review the tapes to find the camera. We never did find that camera.

My delight in the theory being correct was wasted on my spouse.

The December 4 full moon had been his worst episode to date.


I wonder how many people get their meds increased for a moon “inspired” episode.


Raining shoes here. Nuff said?


Good question! It really focuses on the present moment. Today is a good day so far. It’s early but she’s been doing well lately. Your question makes me realize I’m grateful.


Yes. It is best to stay in the moment, and be preasent.

Maybe it is the moon, but today, I am feeling sad. I think it is because my daughter did not eat much yesterday, and I have no idea if she is feeling alight. When I ask how she is, the answer is always fine. Her blood sugar was good. Grateful for this.

A wonderful friend sent this article to me, and there are parts which are very uplifting


I wondered about this…and asked the doctor, who although is a great doctor, wasn’t even interested. I asked if I should “go off” coffee? He said if I wanted to.


I’m thinking that I should take that big step and try to get off of it. I used to chain smoke, at least 2 packs a day (expensive, I rolled my own, which only made me smoke more, as now the packs equaled $2 instead of the $13 I was paying at the market!)

Doctor DID get excited and said that quitting smoking was one of the best things I could have done. Apparently this stomach condition is worsened by stress. Something “auto immune”…

I need to read/research more.

Side point: I say he’s a great doctor for this main aspect…he saw me several years ago and performed the last colonoscopy I had. He said I take better care of our son than myself. He’s right…I haven’t really researched my condition, but wouldn’t dare do the same with either boy.

I needed the reminder. He provided that.

Will start on this one drug, he says if it works, I’ll probably have to be on it for life. If it doesn’t…well, then the two remaining drugs probably won’t be a good idea.

If it means no coffee/caffeine then I’m willing to try.
I miss my daily walks…this


No expert, just a mother.

With my son, my stance is that both are bad but a little alcohol is ok whereas weed is an absolute no no. That’s because of what I have read about weed and how it worsens schizophrenia.

For example: “there is a developing weight of scientific research that suggests that there is a link between cannabis use and schizophrenia” from

The stoners and the legalizers disagree vociferously and (on the whole) stupidly.

I believe it.


Did they test for Celiac yet? (Sorry if you already wrote about that.)