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Tell us how you are today?


Today, I am sitting here, with that same feeling, about wishing others would ask how my daughter and I are doing today. So, the idea dawned on me to come here, and ask everyone how she is doing, and how their mentally ill family member is today?


Hi, always hopeful, just wondering what kind of day you and your daughter had today. My sz son had a kind of worse than average day, but not too bad. We ran errands together and took our dog, as we were going to the [et store where we could bring dogs in. My son began the day in a good talkative mood, but started to get anxiety and said he felt depressed, which he hasn’t said for a while. He waited in the car while I quickly ran into store to buy a few groceries for us, and then we went back to his apt. where I sat for a few hours with him. I just called him and he was trying to take a nap. It is so much responsibility as I am the only person he will be with now days. My mind is always on him and tonight I am exhausted and feeling sad about his suffering, but also grateful that he is so brave. So, enough about our day, how are you two?


Irene, thanks for sharing your day. How nice you can bring your dog into the store. Actually, our day was more of the same. My daughter staying in her room, isolating, coming down to est. I showed her some pictures of peacocks, and she was very interested, asking questions. I are waiting to give the evening medications.

Your son sounds like he had a pretty nice day. You are lucky to have one another.

My husband passed, and I am it here for her. Honestly, I am grateful she is here. Just gets lonely and sad st times. Thank you agsin for asking about our day. It made me smile😃


How are you and your daughter doing? My son is still doing well. We are in a good stable and functional arrangement (still room mates) and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I hope you and your daughter are doing well.


Hello all, I’m still here, please look at my sight if you want to read about my son.
How is my day? Okay for the most part, I have a moment here and there when my son skips my mind. There is always sadness. It feels like everyone else has moved on, but im stuck in this ambiguous loss. That’s my life for now…
I did speak with my son yesterday, it was a good conversation. His name is Lou.


I’m doing okay here, actually getting some things done that have needed doing. I think maybe the sadness/worry about Jeb moving away and the shock from the trauma of his last couple of months here has begun to lift a bit. I notice that my husband is getting some stuff done around the house also.


I’m giving myself permission to take the day off.

I’m going to sit…SIT all day, cuddled with my honey and son’s baby bird on the couch…and crochet while watching whatever he picks. (He always finds the best things on the tele!)

Spent time with older boy already…
younger is asleep still.

I’m taking the day off…
This week will be busy.

Finished younger sons afghan blanket last night. He actually appreciated it! Also told me he loved me…haven’t heard that in a looooong time.

A quiet Sunday.
Anyone else?

Edit: younger son, dog and aghan blanket


How am I doing? Well I’m feeling really sad, as I’m starting to lose all hope again. My son has been on monthly injections for 6 months now and I’m pretty sure the Invega Sustenna is starting to lose it’s effectiveness in helping my son make a recovery. He’s becoming more and more symptomatic and he lives a sad and pathetic life.

I think we will just have to wait around for the next hospitalization. Then we can try Clozapine.

In the meantime, I’m doing better at getting a thicker skin, crying less, and getting my career back on track. So, I guess that’s something.


Yes, our skin thickens and we trudge on. I’m sorry Day-by-Day


I am sorry you feel like this. Medications treat the symptoms, and in my experience are not perfect ever. The illness is like an octopus. I know prople who have had the same happen with clozapine sadly. I have learned to live with unresolved issues with schizophrenia. All we can do is keep trying and be always hopeful.


Sorry Day by day, glad your career is going well though.


My son is good today because he ran out of money!hes asking to borrow of me till he gets paid his benefit , he does this every month ,I only lend him money if it’s for weed not alcohol , I don’t know if that’s s bad thing :laughing:


Rest when you can…take care of yourself (of course, but sometimes we need reminding!)

He got close to the dishwasher…that’s a start!

Nighttime is a special time indeed.



I am doing OK. my son is on my mind 24/7. I keep communicating with a family friend who sees my son weekly and also communicating with his public guardian and social worker.
My brother is also a great help since he a social worker.
I wish I can move to where he is in California.
He is now under Conservatorship/Public Guardian and still sick I know when I talk to him on he phone. he will be getting Invega-sustena Monthly shot this week and hope this will help him to improve.
I miss him a lot and planning to move back to California in within 2 years.
in process of selling his Condo in Virginia so I will be able to buy a condo in California so I can visit more often and he would have a place to stay when he is out of hospital.
I am glad that he is safe now and that he has a Public Guardian…

I am always thinking/planning and trying to keep 2 jobs so I can b ready to move back to California within 2 years I hope.

keep asking myself, will be ever be able to hold a job and completes his college degree and be a functional member in the community!!


I was anxious in the last several days. prior to get to getting my Colonscopy done, I was having all type of negative thoughts that something may happen to me during Anesthesia and what would happens to my son if something happens to me.
I prayed about all these negative emotions and I am glad it is over and I am OK.
these negative feelings hunt me from time to time


I’m struggling a bit with feelings of depression. I think it is just the unrelenting responsibility, without any sign of a break.
My son needs more than I can offer, but he resists trying other avenues for his social needs.


We are going on year 3 of this illness and even tho my son is very med compliant, he relies on me so much, he isolates himself from everyone in the family but me. He doesn’t drive, so it is up to me to make sure he has groceries, meds etc. etc.I am finding myself isolating too, as I don t want to talk about all this to so called friends, as they are usually uncomfortable and it feels awkward. We have to stay strong.


Irene, i understand your feeling of having to take care of it all: it is exhausting, but we are all they have. I try to stay in today, with no expectations from my daughter, other than she stay medication compliant. Staying strong is something that us who are caretakers if children with schizophrenia do automatically. Today, a neighbor Cosme to fix my toilet sbd changes light bulb, and i was beyond grateful. A simple gesture is such s gift. You are strong❤️


I just visited my gastro doctor yesterday.
Another colonoscopy for me too…


I hate, HATE the stuff you have to drink before hand!

He’s trying a new med on me…if this one doesn’t work, well…

it is.

I’ve had 5 colonoscopies so far. (Dad had colon cancer, I keep getting those dang polyps that come back positive, and have Lymphocytic Colitis in addition) The proceedure is simple and pain free. I’ve never had one not be. The only complaint? Fasting and drinking that solution.

Keep it cold, very cold…it supposedly helps. Tell the doctor you want the “good tasting one”…he’ll give you the one with a smaller amount to drink, kinda like a flat 7Up with spit mixed in.

Yeah…it’s THAT good! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Feel free to contact me if you need a virtual friend who has been there…
and will be again!



Hi Always Hopeful, Thanks for your kind reply, Glad you two had a good day yesterday, things like the neighbor helping you out yesterday was so nice. Hope you both have a pleasant day.