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Tell us how you are today?


I’ve been there. I think a few times - actually I think once each day when we stayed overnight. The beauty of age - you think you’ve done things you may actually have never done. What a great place for you to get away and relax! Glad it worked out!!


Thinking of you and sending positive energy. I hope you get some answers soon. So glad your daughter and granddaughter made surprise visit. That sounded like it was very good for all of you!


Sounds amazing. I’ve never been to Colorado.

I feel like a trip away for us will never happen, but you’ve given me hope. Thank you.


I am so happy to hear,it makes you feel like you have a little more independence.


Hi everyone. I’ve been lurking on this forum for a week or so now but I felt like I should finally post something. I’m the sister of a 20 year old guy whose been diagnosed with sz. My family has been working with his psychosis for about 2-3 years now, but the diagnosis is still new. We are located in Massachusetts, USA and my brother was involuntarily committed (in MA its called a Section 12) due to poor eating/sleeping, poor judgement, 0 insight, becoming agitated, paranoid, off his APs for weeks and taking more than his prescribed dose of ativan. Its currently the only med he is willing to take. This will be his second hospitalization. On one hand, I’m happy he will be getting the help he so desperately needs, but on the other I’m terrified for him and what the future holds. He was restrained with medication and physical restraints in the emergency room due to him getting agitated and verbally threatening, and hes been in there for >24 hours while we are waiting for a bed for him. Its sad because hes not a violent person, its his illness that makes him behave that way. I wish he was settled in a psych hospital so I could feel less anxious. I hate this feeling and this awful illness. Sooo thats how I’m doing. It sucks right now but it get better soon. My brother has responded to meds in the past, we just haven’t found the right one yet. Hopefully this will get him back on track to better functioning. Thank you for reading and being the awesome, supportive community that you are!


Hi Cura. I’m so sorry this has happened to your brother. It must be so heartbreaking for you and your whole family. I know my daughter grieves terribly for her brother, my 21 year old son.

We are very fortunate to live in MA, as we can get Section 12 hospitalizations for our loved ones for things other than just imminent physical danger to self. It’s not like that in some other states.

I hope your brother gets a bed soon, so he can start to get on track. Good luck. You’re not alone.


Just checking in. Things are going ok. My husband and I have been battling our son’s insurance company to try to get them to pay for his Invega injections. It’s exhausting and frustrating. We did apply for disability for him, but haven’t heard back yet. Thinking of all of us in this boat together. Grateful for the good days and for being able to share here. I have also been going to some NAMI support group meetings and those have been helpful.

Just checking in with all of you. Still waiting on a competency hearing for our son Lou. He has a court date set for July 10. I was planning on our first visit at the state hospital and then we found out that he was transferred  back to the court system, where he is being held. Have not seen our son since he was arrested, long story.
I keep busy, helping out at the golf course, we have our junior golf camp until the end of the week. The kids (ages 7-17) are a fun group. 

Take care AnnieNorCal


It seems to take so long, doesn’t it? In my son’s case, we felt that the longer it took, the more comprehensive the results would be. Hang n there.