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Tell us how you are today?


i used to live in Israel and yes stray cats everywhere !


We absolutely loved the trip there. I would love to go back! I was telling one guy that I had spent $600 on my cats teeth. He thought I was nuts! Where did you live?


Haha thats funny ! Im in Boca raton florida now , where do you live ?


@Linda - Where Did you live in Israel. I’m in Boulder, CO.


I lived in Tel Aviv for 10 years , i have family there and my son was born there , my only son with this horrific disease . Im originally from London uk.


Yes, mine too. Rough road for us all. But this forum helps me find positive threads to hold onto : ) And I get great advice from here too. We mostly stayed in the old towns but one night in Tel Aviv. It seemed very safe and the children were out at 9 at night playing.


Israel is truly the best place for kids , very safe and great food , my son will be travelling to London in 10 days than Israel with my family and hopefully i will get a little break and pray all goes well .


@Linda and Diane R. I love Israel, and was lucky to go there with my husband in 2006. I remember it was 2 years into our daughte’s Illness. She was in college, living alone, and we were sitting on the beach, calling her to wake up for her exams. Small world!


I love Israel also , My son was born there . I would easily go back if my Israeli husband agreed . My sons father lives there but they are not so close . I believe Israel would be great for my son but at the same time he needs me .


Bless you for caring for those kitties That’s quite a brood! Hopefully, you won’t have another repopulation—thanks to you getting them neutered.:smile_cat:


Thank you for doing this. I am a feral colony caretaker as well and with the help of a TNR group got everybody fixed in our park. I wish more people had their animals neutered and weren’t abandoning them in public places. I know it’s helpful to have something in your life that seems like success and brightens your day.


Tonight I am sad. My daughter had a trip to CA 7 weeks ago to stay with friends with their own large property with a trailer on it she could stay in. They own a shop on the property and she was working doing cleaning and promotional mailings to earn room/board and spending money. However, last night she had a psychotic break and they want her to come home (screaming/scaring the staff). Turns out she became paranoid about the dad, and has been for 3 days. Sigh. Every job I find her she has lost, due to paranoia/anger. At least I have a large home she can come back to. (She is in her mid 30s, became ill 2 years ago, has no income, has anosognosia and is unmedicated.) I am grateful for this site, the help I get from other’s posts, and the feeling I am not alone.


I’m sorry to here this news about your daughter. I’m sorry for your pain. Yes, this forum does help us feel less alone. I hope you can have a better day today.


Her paranoia about the dad there built up rather quickly didn’t it? Of course maybe she saw the dad frequently over the 7 weeks. I try to keep track of stuff like that, how long, are the time periods getting shorter, is he getting worse, etc.

How did she travel to California?

I hop you have enjoyed the “time off” - not that we really ever have any time off from our worrying.


@Jane57 @DianeR @Vallpen

It really was messing with Jeb’s paranoia that I needed his actual work receipts. I changed tactics and texted, “hey, if you would prefer, I can mail you all the forms and you can handle it”. The receipts arrived about 15 minutes later.

Jeb does seem to be doing well enough so far. He authorized me to handle the interview for his SNAP (grocery assistance). The man was nice and did have access to all the receipts I had uploaded on the Texas Benefits app. He said they were concerned about “mismanagement of funds” - because Jeb’s rent is so high. Let him know (as I had informed Social Security when he moved) that it had been an emergency situation at the time. I also never fail to state that no one wants Jeb working as he is dangerous in the workplace. The SNAP man replied that since Jeb was working, his rent looked less like “mismanagement of funds”. Since the $76. he is netting (that required 12 pages of documentation) can cover the $10. that his rent is over his ssdi and ssi combined. Leaving him $66. a month to eat on - what do you bet they lower his monthly SNAP?

He said that perhaps Jeb needed to be aware of cheaper housing available, maybe Jeb should call 211. I “managed” to not say that perhaps he would like to manage Jeb.

In other cat news - yeah you Vallpen! The dogs and I found a friendly cat in the park this morning that had become separated from his owner. The cat had a tag with his name, owner’s name, phone number and micro chip number - cat is already back at home!!


HA!!! That is so often what I want to say!

My son’s rent is low, only because I am basically subsidizing him by providing a much nicer place than he could ever afford. But he would fall apart in any situation that he could afford. Being in a tiny rental in close proximity to other tenants just doesn’t work.


Exactly! Several times they asked when Jeb lived in the garage apartment here if he was paying “fair market rent”.

If you ask Jeb, about living in our garage apartment where your “neighbors molest you through your computer games” - he would say he was paying too much when he lived here.


Interesting - why would they be asking if you he was paying “fair market rent”?


Glad to hear this and I liked that the doctor said he has found purpose. It’s great that he is going to the open mike - even if he’s just listening. Remember in Dr. A.'s book or video I think where he said that after his brother had passed that he discovered his brother had other friends that he wasn’t aware of. I have a feeling some of our loved ones have more people in their lives that we don’t know about.


I’m feeling concerned and disappointed. I thought the highest dose of Invega Sustenna would keep my son afloat for a while, especially since the sun is out longer and we’ve been getting much better at keeping things totally stress free. But, bad things are brewing again.

We may soon be looking at another hospitalization. I don’t know how or when it will happen. Last time it was voluntary, at least until it had to become involuntary. Ugh.

And his 22nd birthday is next week. I wanted us to spend it in a happy way.

Here’s to hoping things don’t continue to spiral.