The escapee



Well I posted my story the other day about my husband being diagnosed with paranoid SZ…he seemed to be as normal as one can be 3 weeks ago. He has never been diagnosed with any other mental illness and has been in serious denial. He still thinks people are to get him/ set him up. He has been in the hospital for 6 days now not understanding why he is there and believes it’s all part of “their” plan to get him.

THIS morning I received a Voice mail from his sister saying that he has escaped the hospital and that if I find him, keep him calm and call the cops. I PANICKED!!!

I return her call and she informed me that they found him on the other side of town. He told them that a male doctor wearing glasses came in his room this morning and told him he was going to a psych ward and this is why he left. He was frightened that they were after him so his sister and mom take him to McDonalds. While him and his mom were at the counter ordering, his sister went in the bathroom to call the cops. When they arrive they talk to him calmly and let him know that he can either go to jail or back to the hospital for help. So he willingly went back to the hospital. Now they are taking different measures and will be keeping him restrained to the bed and heavily sedated!


What do I do now? Do I continue to see him up there or do I back up until he at least is admitted to the state hospital?

I know that nobody can really tell me what I need to do, however we all have something in common here so I really appreciate the comments and advice I receive here…thanks again for taking the time to read this.


What he is experiencing is probably anosognosia as apposed to denial. He really does not or can not see that what is happening is coming from within. If someone told you right now that they were going to take you to the psych ward your first reaction would be to run. It is a rational reaction for him. My son has taken off several times from hospital while inpatient or while trying to admit him. Statistically Anosognosia affects 50% of people diagnosed with schizophrenia.

He is going through a scary and confusing time right now. All of his senses are telling him one thing while everyone else is telling him that what his senses are telling him is not real. Who wouldn’t believe their own senses? He has a hard road ahead of him. Only you can decide if you want to see him right now but I would say that as long as he is not being too negative with you then he needs your support. He needs to know that he isn’t going through this alone. If you see him and he reacts badly then you can limit your time with him. When my son was being especially negative with me then my visits were short and some days I did not go until he was more stable. Seeing him in restraints will not be easy. Not a good situation but I’m guessing they are doing it for his own safety.


Thank you Barbie…If I find somebody to watch my kids for me I’ll go up there if not I’ll wait till Monday. Right now the kids think he is just in the hospital due to his wreck…I found out yesterday that he can’t be transported to the state hospital until they get the CK levels in his blood down. They said his were at 5000 and need to be below 500…I’m not sure what that means…do you @BarbieBF ??


CK (Creatine Kinase) levels are new to me. I just googled it. It seems patients can have higher levels of it when in acute psychosis. I’m guessing there are higher levels of it in his blood perhaps due to how stressed he is feeling. Hopefully once he is able to calm down and not be in flight mode they will drop but ask the doctors about it because I really don’ t know. Don’t ever feel embarrassed or afraid to ask the doctors to clarify things that you don’t understand.

I wasn’t thinking about the kids in my previous post. If you are unable to go then that is completely understandable.


Six days on an open ward with no locked door? He just walked out?

Now he’s restrained to a bed and heavily sedated?

Something just doesn’t sound right.

And threatening him with jail? Come on, the police wouldn’t do that.


I think he is waiting for a bed in the psych ward so that is why he was able to walk out. You would have to read her other thread for back story. He was admitted for psychosis so not allowed to leave yet did anyways.


I’m glad he was found uninjured and everyone knew to keep calm and supportive.

I’d say see him when you can let him know you’re still there for him. I can only imagine how scared he must be right now. I don’t think of that time very often myself. Good luck and hold on tight.

I’m glad he has you in his life.


So sorry this is happening to your husband and your family. It is so terrifying and as your name suggests, heartbreaking. I believe the first part of this disease is the worst – it’s so tumultuous for everyone. My son ran from everything at first too and found it very hard to realize and accept what was happening. It is a process for sure.

I would suggest going to see your husband if you are at all able to. Just be there for him, listen to him and know that his perception is his reality. I would not try to rationalize with him or tell him what he thinks is not true. Things will get better once he is stabilized on his meds and his thinking is more rational. When this first happened to my son 4 yrs ago, I remember thinking that he could never get better, I didn’t know it was possible, but he did start improving once the medications got into his system.

Hang in there, I know this is the most difficult situation to go through. There is plenty of support on this website, we all know what you are going through. Sending positive thoughts your way.


Thank you everyone for the kind words and encouragement! I just made it home from seeing him and he was very emotional…he is wanting me to talk with him and psych doc on Monday so that I can back him up on what he believes is true so that he can proven “not crazy” as he worded it…he got angry and demanded we talk to someone right then but me and the help of some meds calmed him down…I assured him that we would talk to his doc on Monday


If I were you I wouldn’t put him on meds. It can cause him severe brain damage. It would be hell to live with it.

Onset, from my experience and of others, is caused by the force called Synchronicity which brings very small cues, in his environment that would cause him to question his reality and become upset and disoriented (Gaslighting). The more you fear it, the more it intensifies.


He is lucky, he is just in an onset and a paranoid state.

I’ve been paranoid for about 6 years. And upon learning about Synchronicity and recognizing it in my thoughts and in my environment, those paranoid thoughts are gone in an INSTANT. :slight_smile:


Being logical and realistic in his conclusions and thoughts would be of big help too at this phase.


Thank you positive psychia…however without the meds he is hallucinating and gets very worked up…he has been thinking people have been chasing him trying to kill him/ set him up… I do realize that the meds have some bad side affects but I don’t think they are any worse than what his actions could lead to by staying unmedicated…he choked me thinking I was coming to kill him…luckily I was able to fight him to get him off of me…if he stays unmedicated I know it will just be a matter of time before he seriously hurts his self or some body else…thank you though I really appricate the concern


How I hope that these people won’t be forced to take medications against their will. They should have the right to choose how to be treated.

Also, I think there should be some type of prison to restrain these people without using meds. And the worse you act the worse the type of restrain will be. Nobody wants to have no freedom and away chained from their old lives. I think eventually, they will realise that there’s no threat to them. Once calm, and properly oriented and educated about their conditions, they can go back to their lives.