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The official diagnosis

The diagnosis for my daughter is Schizotypal personality disorder

Even though it is hard to get a diagnosis, I am so glad she will finally have a psychiatrist to help her.


When she is discharge tomorrow, we will get the details for the plan for my daughter as far as the care at the outpatient center of the hospital


I am both relieved… and sad at the same time relieved to finally know, but sad that there is something wrong with my girl


I’m interested to see how they were able to get to the a schizotypal diagnosis rather than general schizophrenia. My fiance was diagnosed recently with general schizophrenia (Sept 2018) and has just recently (late dec-jan) found the correct medication. He has since gone back to school to get his degree, found a steady job making a good income until he graduates and is functioning “normally” again. However, he still dislikes being around others and sometimes feels like people are staring at us as he’s always experiences just not as extreme as before. And as usual he lacks an ability to feel emotional towards other or how you’d expect a person to react in a certain situation emotionally.

I’m happy for you and your daughter to have gotten a diagnosis. There is an upside, the healing is beginning. I would suggest seeking therapy for yourself or your family as well. It can be hard to walk the line of the diagnosis with what you should expect from your daughter and what may be a reaction from the disease. I found talking to a therapist helpful to let my frustrations out and find solutions so that I can be a more supportive person to my fiance as he navigates his own healing and treatment.

Good luck to you! And the road ahead may not be perfect but it’s being paved.


From her answers on the questionnaire and their observations of her, they felt her symptoms were not severe enough for general schizophrenia. They currently have her in a low dosage of haldol and cogentin and she will have intense therapy. She is responding well to the meds so far… the voices are a lot quieter and says she is starting to feel like she used to before she started developing symptoms 3 years ago.


We have a long set of questions for when my daughter is discharged this afternoon… like if they think it is okay for her to go back to school next week… personally, I think it might be good if she doesn’t go back right away… my girls go to a small private Christian school and my wife is a teacher at the school. I believe they are willing to show some grace in her catching up on her schoolwork.

Don’t get too caught up with the specific diagnosis. You seem to be pretty level-headed, but I just wanted to put that out there. The diagnosis sometimes changes over time. Just keep getting the best help and resources for her, as you have been doing.


The important thing is she is now getting the help she needs and the thing I need to focus on is taking care of her and the rest of my family. (and myself)


Our daughter is home again! She seemed so happy during the hour trip from the hospital and home… we did have some trouble with getting her medication… one pharmacy didn’t have it so the np had to call it into another one… but she keep on saying how she was grateful for even the little things and how she felt joyful again. There was a moment of panic when she thought she lost her iPod.


I forgot to mention that they decided that she can continue going to the therapist she has been going to! I am so glad for that!

The np said that if we had waited longer to get her help… the symptoms might have gotten worse and might have developed into schizophrenia… also that we are getting help at a young age is a good advantage for her. They did say that the possibility for schizophrenia later on is still there.

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There is a paper about personality disorders.

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