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Published on the
03 October

(FYI - This is Mental Illness Aware Week Oct 5-11)

Awareness about depression and bipolar has improved greatly, but can we do the same for schizophrenia? Abi Jackson reports ahead of World Mental Health Day.

AS head of empowerment and social inclusion at the Mental Health Foundation, David Crepaz-Keay is in a good position to talk about ‘living with schizophrenia’, the focus of this year’s World Mental Health Day next week. Perhaps what qualifies him most though, is that he himself has been “living with the diagnosis of schizophrenia” for 35 years, since his teens.

Despite being one of the most common serious mental illnesses, schizophrenia remains one of the least understood; lots of people still associate it with the very damaging – and inaccurate – notion of a “split personality”.

Schizophrenia does involve a range of difficult and distressing symptoms, though, including hallucinations, delusions and paranoia, confusion and behaviour changes. The illness tends to present in episodes – a person might withdraw from usual activities, seem unable to communicate ‘normally’ and feel emotionally ‘flat’, with varying degrees of psychosis.

Symptoms can also be ongoing and constant. However, more than 50 per cent of people diagnosed cannot access adequate treatment; something David, among many others, would like to see change.


IT is impossible To achieve any awareness about the schizophrenia in the CURRENT conditions ;
medical knowledge,researchers,theories,questions,tests, analyses of conclusions,

We need a new generation from the young scientists,reject all classic knowledge
about all things,and start the cognitive process from zero point

for example,there is no any real definition to the essence of sz case,root origin,
the cause,diagnosis the cause,and there is no right description to the symptoms of sz,add for that the classification of the symptoms is wrongly,and there is no any tools
in the lab to diagnosis any single symptom

in the case of symptoms,the question ;what is the symptoms ?
1- the “internal” symptoms that be felt by schizophrenic within himself?
2- the external symptoms that be noticed by eyes of viewers and doctors ?

in fact,the symptoms of schizophrenia is only the internal symptoms,which
can not be diagnosis by the viewers and lab tools
WHILE diagnosis the sz is different matter,because it is depend on observe and analyses of specific an external symptoms

for explain, the hallucination is voices and imaginary moved pictures that be felt by the schizophrenic,while the doctor and viewers can not observe these phenomena directly,but all external symptoms can be observed by the viewers {like social withdraw,isolation,
paranoia manifestations,unable to communicate with others,false beliefs …etc}

to sum,the realistic symptoms of schizophrenia is the internal symptoms that be felt by the schizophrenic {ONLY},while the external symptoms is merely a signs to diagnosis the existence of sz in the person