To those in the struggle

Out of 4 now grown kids 2 of my kids have suffered with this diagnosis. Clozapine has been a breakthrough meds for my daughter. I am a bit troubled that I haven’t heard from her in a while. I am trusting God that she is safe, still taking her meds & I hope to hear from her today. My family has suffered greatly because of this diagnosis. I won’t go into my personal details as they may not be encouraging to others. My daughter is now over 41yrs, & has been doing well. She tends to be over active in her acts, thoughts & deeds. AS a family we have weathered many a storm. If breaks my heart to read from you who are suffering mental anguish. I myself am not comfortable as I haven’t heard from my daughter in a while. We have been down his road before so I am hoping to hear from her soon. I have called her to just get an empty phone voicemail. I am hoping she is in bed as she lives quite a distance from me.

Take care all…


I am so sorry you are going through this. I know the anxiety this brings us parents when they are not communicating. I know no matter how “well” my son is doing I always live in that fear the shoe will drop any moment. If you are worried you could ask the officers in her area to do a wellness check so it can hopefully give you some peace of mind. Praying she is well and you hear from her soon.

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