To Travel Or Not-

My sz spouse decided he wanted to do a group tour to Europe. We had traveled many times in the past with group tours since his illness, but his old meds kept him quiet and calm. But they no longer work. This time He had started on a new med and initially his voices and behaviors were minimal, things looked good so I went ahead and made the arrangements. He’s very excited about going, but his voices have returned and he is very wrapped up in them (i.e. he talks to them all day-has no filter on his conversation-sex, violence, disparaging remarks on various races and ignores me when I ask him to stop). His doc has been ok with all this because he’s not violent and he’s happy. However I’m not sure how a small travel group will feel about him and his constant talking/choice of topics. So I’m not looking forward to a group travel-even the airplane flights are filling me with dread. I won’t go to movies with him anymore for the same reasons-but haven’t had to address that with him yet. I have a month to go before we have to cancel or lose our money. He’s been on the new meds for 3 months. Am I being overly concerned-I know he doesn’t think he’s being rude.

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I’m on the same boat as you… My loved ones family invited our baby and I to a vacation across the country that’s a 24 hour drive. I’m honestly just playing it by ear. One thing I’ve learned in the short time that he’s had this illness, is that it’s very unpredictable. You have good days and then days where it feels hopeless. Keep me updated! I can definitely relate.

Will they allow him m on the plane with that condition? Make sure you don’t get stuck in Europe

I would be concerned. Is he unable to control this talk when he is out in public now? My guess is that it would become worse with the stress and excitement of travel. If it was mundane topics, I wouldn’t worry so much, but if some of what he says could cause offense, I personally just wouldn’t be able to deal with being in that situation.

In your shoes I would cancel. Years ago my ex and I planned a big trip to Europe with professional personal guides and everything was paid and then my daughter had her first major meltdown. We cancelled and I believe it was the right decision.

I’ve canceled so many plans however, if you are booked, how about asking his doctor about giving him a script for an Atavan for the plane ride. This helped my son with an MRI and this is what I would do for travel from here on out.

On second thought if he is inappropriate I would not think that travel is a good idea. It will probably make it worse. I love to travel can you tell

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@Mom2 – my daughter does not do well with new surrounding - her fears and paranoia kicks in big time so I was never able to leave my town to visit relatives or to enjoy a vacation.

Yeah, I guess I should say I used to enjoy family vacations. We haven’t been able to travel together either for several years.