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Dear Caregivers how do you travel?


I have a wedding to get ready for. It’s in San Diego. I really want to go. It’s my fathers side of the family from Mexico coming up and many of us from Seattle going down to meet in the half way point.

I missed the last few times that side of the family was able to come up and I don’t want to miss them again.

I know I have a problem traveling. I’m afraid of flying. My sis has been trying to find a pharmacy in San Diego for any “just in case” med runs. She’s been trying to find any emergency services in San Diego for any just in case.

It’s going to be a 20+ hour drive or a 5+ hour flight. I do hope I can fly.

I was just wondering… if anyone had to travel with their loved one recently, what did or do you do to get ready and get your loved one ready?

Any tips or hints? I was going to talk to my doc to get some extra refills before I go. But that is as far as I’ve gotten.


Next month we are driving pretty much across Canada for my daughter’s graduation. Kidsis is ahead of me as I didn’t even think to look up emergency services along the way. Once we get to where we are going then if anything happened it would be the same hospital he got diagnosed in. Most of his meds are refilled monthly now. The Clozapine is refilled every two weeks so I think PACT is already looking into making sure they do a refill with enough. If not I have extra :smile: May have to do is monthly blood work early. I also have to schedule a doctor’s app for my hubby as his Ciprelax prescription needs to be refilled as soon as we get back however just in case we are late returning I will do it before we leave. Guess I should make sure I have enough sleeping pills…

I think just trying to be prepared is all that we can do. Day to day we don’t know if something will go wrong and handle it as it happens. Don’t push yourself driving. Eat and sleep right. Talk to your doc about some extras, just in case. Try to relax and look forward to a beautiful drive.


Right there, I didn’t think to get that stuff out of the way before I left. Thank you for that.

My sis is doing a pro/ con list for fly vs. drive. (or boat) My Dad really wants to go in with our Uncle and use a boat to get down the coast. (that way he can fish all the way down)

A drive across Canada. Are you giving yourself time to stop and take photos along the way and go see some sights? Or is this a pretty focused drive?


Mostly focused I guess. My hubby will be doing most of the driving. Hoping to stop only one night. I will be taking pics though.


Since son has been sick, we have gone on two vacations with him to South FL, but both of these were over 3 yrs ago. Son actually did very well with the car ride (8-10 hrs). I didn’t even think to make special provisions in case of an emergency, but thank goodness it wasn’t needed.

20+ hrs is a really long ride - if you go that route I would suggest breaking it up with an overnight stay somewhere. But the boat trip down the coast sounds awesome and right up your alley since you would be on the water. That would be an amazing trip! :boat:


I didn’t know that was on the table until just yesterday or so. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

For my Dad, it was a vague wish that became an idea that has now become an option.

My Dad and my Uncle always seems to know a guy who knows a guy who has a boat for rent or charter. They aren’t nasty nearly sunken boats either.

There’s a hidden side to my Dad that only comes out within a two mile radius of a bait and tackle shop. :boat: :sunglasses:


I travel a lot and it still causes anxiety. I travel with my dog most of the time, she is qualified as an “emotional support animal” by my psychiatrist. THat helps. Also, I bring Ativan for the airport. The airport makes me more stressed than the flight itself. I get really stressed about being on time and finding the gate and then the gate changing. And going to the bathroom at just the right time— not too early but not too late-- so I won’t have to pee on the plane. Also, I worry about missing the flight a lot even though I am hours early…And getting through security is always a hassle with my bag full of meds and the fact that I have 2 metal plates in my head that set off the alarm…

Once the plane takes off I am generally ok. I bring my ipad and watch movies.

Once we land I go into my anxious state again until I reach my destination at the other end of the trip…hotel, house, wherever I am going. I worry about how I’m going to get there, will I be on time, will my dog make it to the outside to pee or will she pee in the airport (she never has!).

Once I am in a new place, just make sure I have enough PRNs to take in case things get stressful, and make sure I have all my meds so I don’t run out. Pack them in my carry on in case my luggage gets lost. Tell the people I am with about my mental illness if that is possible to have some support.



This sounds like this is going to be a fun trip!
My son did a 5 hour trip to San Fran a few years ago. He was by himself too. He was really nervous becaus ehe could not smoke on the plane. My sister gave him klonopin for the trip back. Worked for him. Have fun!!!


@SurprisedJ In 2013 my sz son and I flew from Ohio to California to see my other son and his wife and we were there for almost 10 days and while some parts were a little stressful for him and he didn’t talk very much after we arrived (which I expected), he was very excited to see his brother and overall he did really well, we made sure we had plenty of meds before we left, and allowed for him to sleep in and miss things that my other son and I did in the morning-like going out for breakfast, since my sz son has never been a morning person. I would do it again.