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Away from home country

INot urgent. Just a general question.

I am from Europe, English is my second language. My family likes to travel back every once in a while. I also have a small place in Mexico which we enjoy.

It all would account for a great life style (I have worked very hard all my life), but…

My sz adult daughter… and travel?

Health care abroad? Or even just flying back in the middle, let’s say, a psychotic episode. Or just getting a patient on a plane.
I know a lot of you friends had seen their children run away to a different state and different country. Please share your experiences.

I do know one thing. If i did NOT want her to run away and leave the country, I would not hesitate to report her to security, and they would not let her on a plane. But, on contrary, my question is about traveling at the times when she is OK.

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I’m afraid I haven’t been able to travel for several years but the last trip we took four years was good. Having something calming to give them for their plane is good. Our son went on a cruise with us to Alaska and ended up in the hot tub a lot and sleeping a lot. He was taking medicine then and we were with him 24/7. He did manage to talk to a couple of people and made one friend who was as interest in conspiracy theories as he was.

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Hello, I live in Argentina part-time and live in the United States the other part of the year. My son has schizoaffective disorder and has traveled to Argentina with me. We first talked about traveling abroad with his psychiatrist who agreed that my son would be fine. The important thing was that my son had been stable for some time prior to traveling. I would not feel comfortable having my son travel abroad alone, as this could be a stressful situation for anyone. If one is stable, gets plenty of rest, complies to their medications, and has support from family members during the trip abroad, I think it would be okay. I would find a psychiatrist that I would be able to contact overseas if needed. Best wishes to you.