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Touching problem


My son has schizoaffective recently he does not like his things touched. Does anyone know why this is? For example a bag with food inside or his phone etc.


We’re not all cut from the same cloth. We share an illness - we are not mind readers. Try asking him.


It sounds more like a personal preference rather than an effect of his disease. Most teenagers don’t like their parents touching their things regardless of their psychiatric health. Especially their phones. Their phones are full of their private conversations with their friends. It would be like going through his diary and then wondering why he was upset by it.


It might be his illness that is partly to blame but it also might just be his personality. Some people are like that whether they have schizophrenia or not.


Well when I was living with people, I didn’t like my things touched, I didn’t even like change on my side of the room. I’m not sure why but I think it was because I had low self esteem, not low enough where I didn’t feel special. So there was a conflict of ideas going on in my head that, I’m special, but this guy is putting his stuff on my things. Perhaps your son feels this way too. Try complimenting him if he is showing how hard his life is. You seem like a good parent so try to keep things positive as he is going through tough issues. By the way I also have schizoaffective disorder so I know how hard it can be.


Thank you for your reply. I think you are right. Have a nice day!


I touch many objects twice as I go on about my day. It’s my undiagnosed OCD I believe.