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Transitional housing issues

My son is schizoaffective and is 32 years old. He has a felony on his record for drug
possession. It is difficult to find housing for him and he cannot live with me because of the felony.

He is living now in a transitional housing place. And there are always issues at these
places. Now one of his roommates is taking his clothes. I am going to put a lock on my son’s door but if my son doesn’t lock it it will serve no purpose.

Any suggestions? I have spoken to the manager that checks on them but he is just going to tell me that he needs to lock his room.

Housing is difficult because my son will not do dishes, throw his garbage out, clean a bathroom or do anything. He will do it maybe once in a blue moon and that is it.

What can I do???

Your son has to want help in order for any attempts to be worth while.
I know how frustrating it is to have a loved one who can’t or won’t do the simple few things they need to be better.

Maybe transitional housing isn’t the best for him, but I assume your own home wasn’t a place where he did any healing either.
This situation essentially comes down to the best of a bunch of options that aren’t ideal.
It’s better than being homeless.

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Just to save a few years for both of you-if possible, find some way to get him his own place—away from most people. A trailer, camper, a small house,etc… his substance problem will cause SO many problems and just exacerbates his other problems. My son was kicked out of or left every single place he ever lived in. Having his own place has helped a lot. He always has a place to come back to-no matter what


Living with others is so difficult for them. Honestly, I don’t think transitional housing is a good option for anyone. But it fills a need.

Agree purchasing a mobile home or small home is a good idea. My son purchased an older mobile home and lives in a state of disarray. To be fair he is fixing it up but it takes 10 times as long as the average person. Right now it is in a mobile home park. He does ok with his neighbors most of the time, but really hope some day to purchase land to park it on.

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