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Treat or repeat . TAC report

In celebration of Treatment Advocacy Center founder Dr. E. Fuller Torrey’s 80th birthday, the Treatment Advocacy Center is releasing a sneak peek of his latest report, scheduled for release in mid-September. Treat or Repeat: A State Survey of Serious Mental Illness, Major Crimes and Community Treatment will be the first published comprehensive analysis of follow-up care for individuals with serious mental illness who have committed major crimes. The report provides a first-of-its-kind analysis of the statutory and policy resources available in each state for these individuals to live successfully in the community.

The sneak peek details the tragedy that befell a West Virginia woman, her family and the victims of her violent acts as she was repeatedly failed by the mental health and criminal justice systems. How a Graduate of Duke University Killed,Was Treated and Then Killed Again was first written by Dr. Torrey after hearing the story and meeting with Jeanette Harper. This tragedy –and far too many others like it –were the impetus for Dr. Torrey to begin the research for this report.

Thanks for sharing! Very chilling and something to take seriously when thinking about our own SZ loved ones.

Dr. Torrey’s books on surviving schizophrenia were a life saver for me when a loved one was diagnosed with sz. I look forward to reading this new report.
Happy Birthday Dr Torrey!