Treating a patient with schizophrenia

Hi my khala that is my aunt from my mothers side suffer from schizophrenia. She divorced her husband who she loved so much after a lot of fighting, he couldn’t understand what was happening to her so he gave her wht she wanted that is the divorce, her children doesnt want to see her anymore because she literally beat them so much, she sometimes talks to ghosts and ask her eldest daughter who is the only one who didnt leave her to come talk to ghosts with her. She hates my mother, me and my sister and only have trust on her brothers side family. She thinks her husband has aids and we all does too. She talks about so old people that were there but the stories she told about them never happened. Sometimes she says there was a time a king stayed in our home for rent and asked her hand in marriage. At this time she was in abroad where her husband lived but now she is back in her home country (btw here husband and younger children left her along and went to another country and her eldest daughter was doing her studies in some other country). Finally as she came here to us, we tried to take her to a doctor but she started shouting and stuff and also she thinks we r after her money or something. There was even a time that police came into our house and we have justify ourselves. We seriously dont know how to handle her and just couldnt understand how to take her to a doctor. Can anyone help?

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Somehow you have to get her in too a Phych hospital to be diagnosed and given meds.,if she threatens you or anyone call the police. Otherwise without her getting admitted, there’s not much you can do.,good luck!

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Hi arbeena. Welcome here, sorry for your struggles. Depending on where you are, I know other people on the forum have talked about their cities having crisis teams that will come out to the residence and a psychiatrist can evaluate your aunt at home then facilitate transporting her to the hospital if they feel she needs to be monitored and on medication. Though I don’t have anything like that available where I am to my knowledge, I’ve heard about it enough in this forum from enough different places that I’m thinking it’s probably fairly common. You might want to search Crisis Prevention Intervention/Team for your area or something similar.

I am so sorry @arbeena_khan that you find yourself in this situation. Helping someone with severe mental illness, who doesn’t think they are ill, and who doesn’t want help is very difficult. Probably her illness will be lifelong, so the struggle you have as a family member is also going to be lifelong.

I suggest the book “I’m not Sick, I don’t Need Help” by Dr. Amador. It gives understanding of an ill person’s struggles, and suggestions on how to communicate with them to get some good changes.

My story on this site is about my daughter. She got ill at age 32, and for 3 years I struggled to get her on a medicine she would stay on. In order to get my daughter on a medicine that worked and keep her on it, the police were involved at my home about 40 times, 5 involuntary hospital stays happened, many medicines were tried but she quit all of them, and finally a judge ordered her to stay on meds or be jailed again. She has been doing well since 2019 now.

Read on here to learn how others have helped their loved ones, or tried to help them.

I wish you luck.

Hi so i have an update on my aunt, so we decided to follow through a very weird plan to get her to a hospital but it was in another city. So when she was returning to her country (we dont have an airport available in our city so we have to travel to another city) we asked her to stay at a hotel there as her flight was pretty late, instead of the hotel we took ger to a hospital which was basically like a hotel and she didnt actually doubt us until she smelled some medicine around her and immediately she started to run but the nurses there caught her and finally admitted her. The whole journey was a struggle. She booked her taxi herself so we have to cancel and find out the name of the driver and rebook our taxi so we could take her as well as she wont doubt us and we have cancel her sim which was a very big stuggle as we were afraid she would contact the driver and would find out that we cancelled her taxi. Though finally we were successful and now she is back to her life, in this her husband played a very big part. He financed her hospital stay and stayed with her throughout and married her back and now she is very happy with her family.


Thank you for the update.
It’s amazing what we go through to get help for our loved ones!
I’m so happy she is recovering and hope she continues to do well.