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Trying ProFrontal

Hello. I am glad I found this forum. I am the mom of a 36 year old who is HF Autism, ADHD and in 2014 developed Schizoaffective Disorder. We did not know he was on the spectrum, but did know his ADHD was pretty severe his entire life. He is very chemically sensitive so medications have been few and far between. Long story but the 2nd diagnosis in 2016 was HF Autism (used to be called Aspergers) and then in 2017 the psychiatrist added Schizoaffective. It’s hard to tell with Aspergers whether it is that causing the issues or something else. (Yes I took him to be tested 2 times when he was small and they did not have the HF Autism diagnosis back then. The psychologists said “Sensory issues, Sequencing Issues, Organizational Issues”.) So I worked with him and got him through High School. The psych prescribed olanzapine in Sept. of 2017 and he took that for a while. Then he got worse on it. Hallucinating so badly that he had to be hospitalized. As I said, he is very chemically sensitive. So, I knew I had to find another route. I started researching Amino Acid Therapy back in 2014 and that worked a little but there were so many pills and they had to be given 4 times a day at regular intervals. I knew he would not be able to manage that without me. Anyway once we added the schizoaffective disorder diagnosis I started researching again and found ProFrontal. He has been on it for 3 weeks now, 2 weeks at half dose and 1 week at full dose. He is also on Theanine/GABA and lithium orotate for the mood swings. Please research these supplements to see if you think they might help. I am seeing a slow return to calm and coherent behavior. He is not engaged much but some of that may be the Autism. He is a bright young man who had some intense interests and my greatest hope is that interest will return. It’s one day at a time.

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Wow. Aside from the difference in age, our sons sound similar. My son is 19 and has High Functioning Autism and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He had his first full blown episode of psychosis back in February. When my son was little (three or four) he was diagnosed with sensory integration disorder, later ADHD, and later still non specific episodic mood disorder that eventually started to look like intermittent explosive disorder. Later realized that anger was probably part of the prodromal stage of schizophrenia. When my son was little he was fascinated by fire fighters, Santa Clause, and later things having to do with nature like collecting insects. As a teen he was obsessed with modding his XBOX.

We are now trying clozapine as he seemed med resistant (he already took a lot of antipsychotics for his mood disorder not otherwise specified). Clozapine seems to be helping but not perfectly yet.

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I am interested also in trying some additional therapies such as sarcosine, etc. but I need to see how the clozapine is going to work first before I try switching too much.

Hi and thank you for responding to my post. The anger and rage were the hardest to bear. He has always been the kindest person. The arsenal of supplements I am giving him is quite extensive, but he is very willing to take them because they are not meds. I see a calmer person now and the theanine seems to be helping in that area the most. He also takes lithium orotate for the moods. Please research these supplements. I hope your son responds to his clozapine, but there is hope out there if he does not. ~ Linda

I too have a son with high functioning autism diagnosed at age 12. First episode psychosis at age 22 years old current diagnosis schizoaffective disorder. He too has struggled with significant outbursts in restrospect often related to sensory issues. Any change dysregulates him which we noticed as a very young child. As a child he was on depakote, risperdal, and abilify pills at different times with moderate success in decreasing outbursts. Not until he had psychosis as a young adult did he take injections. He was on abilify maintaina injection monthly for a year. It was court mandated. It was the best year of his life. His psychosis went away and his mood stabilized significantly. He’s 24 now and refuses medication. The psychosis and mood issues have returned but it was 10 months after he stopped the shot. The roller coaster ride begins again. He is very open to natural supplements and optimal nutrition. I will look into these options.

Hi there is no benefit to taking clozapine with adenosine. It you look at the first page of this website and look under vitamins and supplements.

With sarcosine 151515

Isn’t it awesome that there is hope out there without pharmaceuticals? Thank you for the article!

Profrontal works perfectly My daughter used it for a long time until she thought she was healed. I can’t get her back on it yet.

N.A.C. being pre curser to glutathione, perhaps using the Reduced Glutithione (type that is recommended ) instead of NAC can work equally as good. The reason I bring it up is bc my daughter seems to think that NAC, which is one of the amino acids in profrontal, makes her thinking skip around, even after trying it for only a couple of days and not actually giving it a chance. Glutithione works as a powerful anti ager and is therefore appealing to her. Crossing my fingers.