Trying to be there for my son's future through exercise


I used to have a videotape of Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies!

Weekends are a lot harder for me.

I did about 10 minutes of Beginner Pilates in YouTube. My shoulders are sore!


3 mike hike, all PT stretches done!


Hi all, did not do workout today, but tomorrow will do my usual mile morning swim and a couple walks with dogs. I don’t know what I would be like without my swimming. Probably more of a basket case than I already am. lol


Definately harder on weekends hope,
You are doing so well , bet the visit from your grandson was good though.

Yes suppose we are lucky in that humidity is rare here …
I have did one of my 30 mis today, will manage smart core later hopefully .


@irene A MILE swim??? How many laps is that? I swim a bit, not very good at the crawl, so it’s backstroke, side, etc.


lol! ZUMBA! My manager at work is also kind of a Zumba personality - you can look her up: “Jessica Witt ZUMBA”. She used to teach classes here and I felt obligated to try. Just about killed me.


I walked a bit today, and am now trying to do Pilates on the hallway floor.

I think I am doing revised Pilates, since I have only seen the YouTube lesson once!


i was glad its Monday so I could do 20 minutes of fast dog walking. Usually I do 30 with the dogs 4 days a week - but had an appointment to make - so glad I did not have to Zumba!

Is smart core a machine or a workout?


Some day I plan to totally straighten my legs out during PIlatles- maybe if I can hang in there with this. I could picture Pilates in a hallway - finding a spot is tricky. I have trouble staying close enough to see what the Zumba people are doing once I back up.


I will look her up but am not hopeful - when my current Zumba froze up in the 35th minute yesterday - I was so grateful.

Today is day 8 - 20 minutes of fast dog walking- 10 minutes of that Get Madonna arms - so far they still look like my arms and 30 minutes of swimming that about finished me off.

i might not be able to get Madonna arms - I am using much smaller weights - yes, there are smaller weights than 3 and 5 pounds.


Today was 40 min. of fast lap swimming and a 30 min walk with dogs and basically being on my feet all day with 4 hours at work and all the other stuff there always is to do. Hope I sleep so I can up and go to pool early tomorrow morning.


It is 36 laps in a 50 yard pool and 32 laps in a 50 meter pool. I swim in a 50 meter pool because you don t have as many turns. I have been swimming constantly since my oldest son was 6 and now he is 37. I got addicted when he started taking swimming lessons at the ymca. My swimming has helped me thru many things in my life. It has been my one constant thing that I have done that is good for me thru all of the messes of life. lol And It makes me feel a little stronger when I am super down.


Hope, it’s called wonder core I think lol. It’s a little portable machine with various resistance and different excercise can be done.
I do five min sit up, five of bridge, five of scissor legs, then sit on chair and 2 different five min of like step excercise but while sitting.


Do any of you use a weighted hula hoop? I like to do that and lift weights at the same time. Tummy and arms all at once! I should start that up again!


That’s impressive! I’ll have to figure out the size of my pool.


That is some swimming! I did the math on my pool and my 80 lengths that take 30 minutes only cover 2,560 feet - less than half of what you are doing!


I looked it up - really like how it doesn’t take up much room - space to exercise is an issue.


Today was nice, without any appointments I was able to run with the dogs in the park and log 30 minutes - 20 minutes of Pilates and 2 dance videos on youtube. Timberlakes’ Trolls dance and a fun oldie - Footloose.

On the drive home from the park I noticed a new ridge in the middle of my forearm - was really hoping for Madonna upper arms…


I got the mile swim in early this morning. I use goggles and fins and do few laps with kick board, but I never stop between laps. I have been doing in for years so it took me a while to build up to the mile. As I am aging it does make me more tired afterwards and I have to take a short nap when I have time. Today also logged in a 45 minute walk with dogs and a work shift on my feet for 3 hours. Oh almost forgot, I helped my son clean his apt, motivation is maintenance is coming to do routine check. whew, time for bed.


Exactly if I put mine on bedroom floor at side of bed o can use it there