Trying to be there for my son's future through exercise


Lol you are doing well .
Did my 30 min cross trainer then did smartcore right after ! So full 55 min before 11am , no dog walk as hubby did that very early before work .


@Jane57 What do you do with this?


3 mile hike, all PT exercises done. Hip issues. Ends up it’s really my butt and IT band that need strengthening. After a few sessions the hips are MUCH better! Here is the hike and the second pic is the stairs you go up - if you look closely you can see the people at the top of the stairs. After that it’s more gradual.


Diane it comes with a dvd and booklet of excercises.
I do 5 Min of sit ups , 5 min of raising my back /hips off the ground, 5 of leg scissors then I sit on bed and do 5 of what is like cycling
There are lots of other examples of excercise on you tube or the dvd. Maybe I should do some arm ones too .
You can change resistance on it too.


Well done Diane ! That’s great how it helps your hips.


My park walk looks pretty plain compared to @DianeR 's mountain walk

Double digits! I have done 10 days in a row, only 30 minutes so far today, day 11 not in the bag yet. I did day 10 yesterday before the grandbaby showed up to wear me out. Picking him up was easier and I was able to climb into the ball pit with him.

I can feel that I am getting stronger - probably because its like 16 days since I started. The higher number does make me more determined to not drop back down to day 1.

Did pilate running in the park this morning - it is so much harder than “pilate” walking. I have always meant to add this element into my dog walk/run time and am trying it this time.

History on this pilates walking/running -years ago a hs girls cross country coach was instructing her girls to tighten their buttock on their striding leg with each stride to develop those muscles. According to her, some people do this automatically. This was news to me - I guess I am a bone walker, I just walk using my skeleton for the most part. Tightening the buttock and upper leg somehow reaches around and makes the stomach tighten up as well - that’s the part that reminds me of pilates, my abs, lower back and upper leg muscles are all engaged in the effort. With this 60 day plan I am doing the running and walking with the tightening each stride - its difficult!


How do you cope in the Texan heat right now Hope?


Its been bad here lately with the high temps and worse, we live in the humid part of the state. Eventually you get used to being drenched in sweat the moment you step outside. This time of year I can only walk/run the dogs early in the morning and finish before 7:30am so the sun doesn’t get too high, used to be we could push it until 8, the dogs are older now, they can only go 2 miles these days. Luckily the park has a pond, being Labs they jump in and cool off each time we are near the pond. Its a good time of year to have swimming available;)

I have a stand fan that I set up on full blast for the inside workouts.


I just read your post. I’d like to join. I really have no excuse. My condo has both an indoor and outdoor pool just outside my place. Oh and a small workout room. It also takes me 5 mins to walk to the beach. My daughter’s disease keeps me depressed and glued to the couch. Can I start my day today? I’m staying at my daughter’s apt to take care of her cats while she’s in the hospital. She has an outdoor pool, but it’s been storming for days. I’ll try dancing to Contemporary Christian music and see how it goes. I’ll let you know!


Oh YES! Anyone can join in any time - keep us posted - I have found being accountable to this thread is really helping me a lot.


How beautiful! That environment alone would be motivation to go for a hike! Good for you!!


My exercise is unremarkable except in the sense that I have actually stuck with getting on the treadmill for an hour @ 4-5 days a week over the last few months. That IS remarkable! But I’m not so good at doing my core strengthening exercises I learned from recent physical therapy. I need to get on it!! I’m also having some success (but just started) with a diet using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (book “the Beck DIET solution”). I’ve only read about 1/3 of the book but I like the CBT principles it uses…I can see how they really can work!


@hope4us - Yup - We tend to follow where the flowers are blooming. So that starts low in May/June. These are close to town hikes. By now, the higher elevations flowers have peaked and are fading. I didn’t get up high much this year with the hips bugging me.


Sensible too hope getting dogs back in before 8am , so lucky they have pond to swim too.


All PT exercises and stretches done - which is a big deal for me. I’m usually lazy about it. But being that it’s working I try to do them.


I am slacking! Gotta get re-inspired. I’m still walking the dog at least.


CBT really helped my son turn a corner - I have asked my husband to think about working with a therapist.


Completed day 13, husband joined me for 20 minutes of yoga - worst day yet was the day I forgot to drink coffee after lunch. Working out for me is much better in the morning or early afternoon.

@Hummingbird, i just figure to keep restarting until I can get it.

Made myself do some research on muscle building - the Pilates and the Madonna arm stuff are for building muscles. Some of the stuff is the same as decades ago, you have to rest muscles to allow them time to grow, I will have to space out those Madonna arm workouts.

The good news is that if I want muscle, the high intensity workouts (NOT THAT I APPROACHED HIGH INTENSITY AT ALL) are incompatible with muscle building - possibly its the best reason to want to build muscles -since it seems as though I am incompatible with high intensity workouts. I can now do the Leslie Sansone walk at home stuff and not feel guilty that I am not working harder.

Freaked out that I gained 2 pounds last week - but my pants fit better so I relaxed AFTER digging out my weight test pants and checking - everyone has weight test pants yes? THEN I remembered that you aren’t supposed to go by the scale when you are building muscle.

Feeling stronger which is a relief.

One of the reasons I want muscles is because they allow me to eat more. That may sound messed up, let me explain. I am not one of those people who hardly eats a thing and gains weight. I do eat and I like eating. As I get older it seems as though I can eat less and I don’t want to end up on one of those cycles where my metabolism drops to nothing. I would rather exercise than diet. Research said if I wanted to lose weight quickly, I would need to do 90 minutes a day.

Personally, I’d rather take it off slowly at 60 minutes a day and get some lifestyle changes in place through exercise.

Bright full moon last night, hope my son is handling it okay - (surely its okay for us to mention our family members on this thread?)


Tomorrow its back to Day 1. Had the 2 year old grandbaby overnight, hope to have some energy back tomorrow…its not going to happen today.


@TAG - did I miss it? Have you let us know how the open heart surgery went?