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Trying to be there for my son's future through exercise

First of all I realize that probably no one will want to do this with me - that’s okay.

Why am I doing this (I really do not want to at all) well, its because I think it may help me and maybe someone else out there in our scz forum world might think it would help them?

Rather than recant the story of Jeb, lets skip to - I have gained weight in this journey and have dropped exercising down so much that I feel weak. I remember feeling much stronger and want to get that back. Okay, taking care of my mom recently after her open heart surgery has made me realize that I can’t afford to be this weak. If you can’t get out of a chair or off the couch without using your hands or arms you should give joining me some thought.

Years ago I learned that if I did 60 minutes of actual exercise a day, every day I didn’t have to worry about what I ate. I have been able to bribe myself to try this by promising myself there will be no dieting involved whatsoever.

What I do need is for people to join me for accountability’s sake, support and ideas. Not looking for folks to advise me, looking for folks to join me.

Its a 60 minute daily commitment - doesn’t have to be 60 minutes at once - personally, I break mine up, I just make sure the effort is enough to leave me breathing hard.

If interested respond to this thread, I can make another thread or we can do a separate private message group though the forum if thats preferred.

Where did 60 minutes come from? When I was in my twenties, the word was that 20 minutes 3 times a week would keep you in shape. I tried it, it was not true. Years later some medical authority said 20 minutes a day would do it, I tried it, not true. Decades later when I needed to be stay healthy to donate a kidney, the medical folk said “well, its 60 minutes…a day”. Oh, uh, wow. But that number was true. But its a hard horse to climb up on and harder to stay on.

Anyone game?


I recognize the feeling… but don’t know where 60 minutes would come from…


I will join you. Exercise has benefitted me tremendously throughout my life…especially with handling the stress of having 2 kids with serious medical conditions. When my oldest got sick with sz, I was frozen with fear and ate my feelings. I have now dropped that weight through using weight watchers and through exercise. 60 min Is a good goal for me too. I’m in! By the way, my younger son goes in for his 4th open heart surgery on Thursday😩 I will need those daily walks and stretches to deal with the incredible stress.


I already started doing this -this year. It wasn’t easy at first, I had to re-arrange my whole day by going to bed earlier and getting up earlier and then I got a pool pass at the local community center and now I go there for water exercise at least 5 days a week and on the alternate days I either go to the gym or just walk around the neighborhood. I have to say the pool has been a godsend to me. Not just by making exercising so much easier on my aching joints but also for the relaxing effect it has on me and my mind overall. This week I discovered that the pool pass includes access to their hot tub that has these power jets and wow!, 1st time for me to ever try a hot tub and it was amazing! Instant relaxation. Anyway, I didn’t think I could do it, I hadn’t been to a pool in maybe 30 years but I did and I am so happy I did.


Another thing about the dedicated exercise every day (for me) anyway. My sz son is a night owl so by me getting my day started earlier like 7am and I get bed around 11pm, my morning is my time for the pool etc,…My son will join me in the afternoons at the gym or to take walks in the parks or around the neighborhood but I have not been able to convince him to join the pool with me, I think mainly because he won’t get up earlier for the adult swim times and the afternoons would be full of rowdy kids. I say at least I have asked and invited but secretly I am happy to have that time all to myself.


I have finally been doing 60 minutes on the treadmill on a fairly regular basis for several weeks now, but I will now INTENTIONALLY join you and others and do it in remembering we are supporting each other! I also am trying to lose a few pounds and am liking the book I just started called “the Beck DIET solution”. It uses CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and I can actually tell that my thought processes about giving into sabotaging thoughts about eating are being changed for the better!!


I am going to try! I have been so stressed out worrying about my son lately, it’ll be good to be distracted. I think I would divide it into 3 twenty minute blocks of time.


Maybe you could pick a shorter amount of time and join in anyway.


I’d be interested! Its hard for me because I work shift work, usually second and third but I really need accountability. We all have 24 hours in a day.


@TAG @Hummingbird @Cura @Catherine @hope4us @Vallpen

YEAH!!! I am so excited! Well, in a “its going to not be total fun” kind of excited way;) But really excited to have people join me:):):slight_smile:

Catherine and hope4us - so great that you two have a head start! We need your participation and support to get the rest of us started.

Vallpen like Hummingbird suggested, maybe you and others who are interested could start with 10 minutes a day for the first week? Maybe week 2 do two 10 minute periods? I know that getting it into a routine is the biggest challenge. We would love for you to join us.

Cura, thanks so much for understanding, I know I won’t make it without accountability.

TAG! So sorry about the need for the 4th surgery, but so glad you will lend us your experience and let us help you.

Day one starts today? If you are reading this, think about joining us for a trial run. Maybe try a week or set a goal of a month and make a decision about whether or not to continue after giving it a go.

Different exercises that I used to use - one of my favorite go-to’s for 20 minute workouts are pilates Pilates form muscle quickly (muscle burns fat) and I tend to choose the pilate workouts where you lay down on your back or side for most of the workout - I can be so lazy. Pilates are good if you have back issues you worry about, they strengthen your back. Yoga is a great strength builder also. I walk fast with my dogs (squeezing the upper part of my legs with each step for more muscle use), but the dogs are getting older and they are done after 20-30 minutes in our heat. Like Catherine I have started swimming, without an indoor pool available, it will be a challenge to replace it when October arrives. Really hoping I can make it that far.

So far I did walk the dogs fast for 30 minutes. Will post back when I do more. Will not be easy, but I must not fail on DAY 1!


Sometimes I’ll find a Zumba video on YouTube and try to follow along.

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We do a lot of hiking out here - “After work walks” in the mountains. That’s my therapy. I do that, yoga and biking (like an hour) and a bit of swimming. I’m trying to hold off on the yoga a bit until I get my hips better. Ends up a have tight glutes, IT band and hamstrings. So I’m working on that. I am, however, going to yoga today. It’s called therapeutic, it’s mostly done on the floor. It’s definitely not easy but makes the body feel good!


I think for now I will make a commitment just to consciously look for ways to add a bit of movement to my life. I was thinking just this morning that the vines on the back fence need to come off. 10 minutes of pulling vines.

Probably have several days’ worth!


Well Day One for me got off to a good start and went rapidly downhill - this is going to be tricky. I had morning appointments so figured to knock off the final 30 swimming in the afternoon.

Barely got home from appointments and call came in that DIL had just gotten a doctor’s appointment if she could be at their office in an hour, she was enroute to my place. The grandson is exhausting, but is not continually strenuous or aerobic enough - though he tries - if he was, I would be in excellent shape. The proof is in the pudding, so I can’t pretend he is more than exhausting.

Husband came home right after baby left and wanted me to watch recorded big game with him. I said I must still do a 30 minute workout. Husband was upset because he wanted to watch the game with me right at that point and he was tired after working a 10 hour day - it is something we do together and enjoy. Shoot. When I became upset about failing on day 1 to get 60 minutes in and being willing to settle for 50 by doing a 20 minute workout, he even offered to pick up the baby’s toys that were scattered throughout the house.

So Day One, FAIL at my end. Hoping to report back better news tomorrow morning.

@hope - Would you count stretching/yoga while watching the game part of exercise? I hope it was the World Cup. We had that on at work yesterday and it was pretty fun.

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I count it for me:)

It was the WC semi-final and he found it to be less fun. He was supporting England.

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I plan to try @Hummingbird’s Zumba also -

I did a lot of Zumba on videos before all the classes popped up. It was a lot of fun! Nothing for me today but going to PT so I’m sure I’ll get a small workout. I was hoping England would win as well. I’m down 2.5 pounds from a newly started diet. I usually just cut calories and carbs. Shooting for 10!

Yeah you with the weight loss! I can’t diet as I have promised myself that I won’t cut back on eating as long as I do the 60 minutes a day. I actually had to bribe myself. Weight will come off very slowly this way.

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Exercise and large servings of vegies and fruits. I feel the difference. To me exercise is like building up reserves. If I do it regularly for a month, i.e. 1+ hour jog 3-4 days a week, I can feel the muscle aches going away, lots of energy and motivation to solve difficult problems, and sleeps better. When I stopped exercising, blame the winter, I can feel the pain, the lethargy and difficulty going to sleep setting in. It seems I need more exercise now than when I was younger just to maintain the “reserves”. Maybe when I was younger, I tend to go out a lot more with friends and do a bit more sports here and there without keeping tabs.