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Update on court case

Hello everyone. Just a quick update on my daughter’s court case today. Praise God the judge showed so much mercy on us. He dismissed the charges against her and took her off probation. That was an answer to prayers. My daughter has given her doctors a medical release so I am able to talk to them if I need to and the psychiatrist has set up an appointment to speak with me and her in two weeks. So I need to get a list of questions ready to ask him. Has anyone met with the psychiatrist taking care of your loved one and what kinds of questions did you need answers to besides the medications, side effects and prognosis?


I met with my son’s psychiatrist and we discussed his symptoms and treatment primarily. I did ask about research and what was on the horizon regarding the treatment of sz. I get most of my info from this site though.

Good news for you and your family!! Best wishes!

I’m so glad the judge saw your daughter’s situation and responded with help.

When you see the psychiatrist, answer their questions. You might know more family history than your daughter does if there are illnesses that run in the family.

Question I always ask if there is time: what are the most important things I can do to support my family member’s recovery?


What is the diagnosis? medication? side effects to expect? Do you know what medicines have worked for her in the past? Share that if you can. See if you can get previous hospitalization reports. Good luck with the visit.

Why did she have to go to court? Drugs,what mental issues does she have ? Can’t help if don’t know what’s going on.

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I think this gives the background on this post:

I meet with my son and his psychiatrist every appointment. For starters though, he lives with me and would not have the foggiest idea about how to get there or the inclination to keep track of the appts. It is basically to discuss on going meds, how they are working, how things are going etc. His Dr. is a God send and is totally committed to these appts. My son has done so much better and is totally okay with it all. He is on Vrylar and it seems to be the best med so far.