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Will be on here

My partner has decided to cold turkey off her small dose of 78mg of invega
We just missed her shot this past Tuesday and will begin to moderate to see how she does
For those who dont know
We’ve been on a journey to get off and have been noticing that every time she’d receive her Injection
She’d get really bad extrapyramidal effects like dystonia and akathasia…
Her last shot reduction I believe was about 8-9months ago
Wish us luck
She’s been doing great this far besides the crippling dystonia
We have a lot of faith that she will manage through this!
0 delusions or hallucinations
Probably why we are hopeful about this journey
Although it’s really tough to withdraw
If you have any advice to give us
We’d appreciate it…!

Hi , wish you the best of luck , how long has she been on meds ? My son has been reducing his meds from 30 to 25 to 20 and now 15 , he has been on Abilify for 2 and half years now and doing better on the lower dosage but still has negative symptoms

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Very cool
How is he doing?
Doesn’t need them either?
She’s been on the meds for about 12-14years
We will find out how all this works out…

By the way thank you for that

Hi, no advice, but I’ve enjoyed reading about you and your girlfriend for a while now - I really hope that this goes well!

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Thank you!
I will keep you updated
So far the dystonia has been bad but manageable
Like every time she reduced her shot…
We have faith that she will eventually stabilize like she did everytime she settled in her dosage…
We will see what happens…
We will be upgrading with all the top alternative meds that help with her journey …
We just got a pay check today and will cash it for medicines …