Update Re: walkabout

My son has been located yet refuses to believe he has any issues. I realize he is in some danger as he is still homeless. His behavior will perhaps get him into trouble. Most of us that know him consider it cruel to have him taken into custody and also it is against his civil rights. He has, in the past few months, seen a therapist. Yet his troubles continue.

I was never stubborn or rebellious about receiving services. To the contrary, I was hoping to live life completely independent again - home of my own, ability to afford my own foods & services, etc.

How old is your son? I noticed two others with SZ in my community who were late teens & early twenties throughout their diagnosis & they were extemely stubborn about their housing situation & taking care of themselves.

Dear merleww2, I’m glad your son is located.

I hope for his safety.

Has he seen a psychiatrist?

When my son was in that situation, he ended up in jail for 3 months.