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Using sarcosine

Does sarcosine really help schizophrenia?

I think it does. We give our 28 year old son 4mg per day as well as Omega 3. He is now doing yoga, accepts support, socialises and enjoys holidays.

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Here is a poll that people responded to in the diagnosed forum on their sarcosine experiences:

Yes, it does. I take it. The other supplements I find helpful are vitamin D, magnesium taurate, and then certain foods such as salmon, anchovies, avocados, etc.


Hi there,
I’ve bought and tried sarcosine but I found I was getting terrible leg cramps in the nighttime.
I stopped and the legs cramps stopped. When I started it again the cramps came back.
Really dissapointed because I feel desperate to stop the voices which for me are 24 hour round the clock. They’re there from the time I fall asleep often just feeling drained till the moment my brain becomes conscious again, be it morning or the middle of the night.
The voices are negative and constantly warning me of terrible things that are going to happen either to myself or children. I’ve learnt being with people, music, television or rushing round keeping busy helps me to ignore them but it’s draining being on the run all the time from these menacing voices.
Medication just makes me tired and it’s hard to live an active life because I feel lazy and unmotivated. Wish the ‘professionals’ knew more about the condition but unfortunately they all seem just 'text book’
I would definitely be interested in research and trying new meds or new cures if there is such a thing available.
It’s the love of my family and friends that keep me going. Otherwise life is sooo depressing. There’s never any peace of mind or beautiful moments. The very condition robs you of your spiritual feelings and inner contentment. Very sad.


Thanks for posting this, these insights are so helpful.


I’m sorry your going through this. I pray things get better for you. Have you tried any other meds that don’t make you sleepy?

Magnesium taurate takes away the leg cramps for me. Also, make sure you are eating enough potassium in your food choices.


I have read it’s great. Mine is Clozapine and from what I read they don’t recommend it if you are 9n this drug. However if this drug ever fails that’s the first thing I will go to

Tried restarting the vitamins with plenty of fluids the cramping is coming from dehydration and by fluids I mean water water water you might be happy that the cramps go away and he still benefit from the effects from the vitamins