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Has anyone tried the recommended vitamins?


I saw on a website that the following vitamins are good for schizophrenia. Has anyone tried them? If so, anyone see any difference?

N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC)
Omega 3 for prevention
Prenatal Chloline for prevention.


B-vitamins, Omega 3, and choline seemed helpful while my family member would take them. Just more stability.


My son uses NAC all the time 3000 mgs per day, really helped him, I ran out one time and the cat started talking to him again so we will not run out of this, he also uses a multi vitamins with folate , Ashwangada, l-theanine , it all seems to help and as long as I can afford it he will get it.


How do you ensure good quality vitamin supplements
Also which ones maybe effective with clozepine
Thank you for all the information and support


community members in the diagnosed forum have made a couple of polls on these vitamins to see if they help people - you can see them at the links below: