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Visitor’s Dilemma

“While there is likely an overload of internal turmoil for her, and a flood of information for you, take care to interact with her with compassion and calm temperment. Over stimulation can be just as detremental for the DX’d as under stimulation. Be there for her, but not overbearing. It’s an extremely difficult balance to maintain.”

This is very wise @wreklus

I was thinking about this same thing a while ago, how my actions come to my loved ones like a tornado! I visit, I deep clean the whole place up, cook healthy everyday, and platters of fruits and vegetables and nuts etc, change bulbs, shop, fix whatever needs fixing, and all of a sudden it’s a home, it’s livable again… then comes the time I have to leave and they stay without my passionate “loving” for most of the year… sigh … but it’s my nature to nurture whoever I love while I’m visiting… I don’t know how to do less, I feel everything I do while visiting is essential…

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In the words of Nick, who suffered from scz and helped many peers, “its tricky”.

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I’d say, don’t try to change your nature to nurture, that is lovely. When you visit, aren’t there several people in the home, not just the afflicted member? So you are helping everyone. As long as what you do causes no upset, I see no need for your worry.

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