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Odd behavior

Since I have been dealing with my daughter’s sk for the past 6 years, I have become somewhat used to her strange behavior at times. Lately, she has been displaying even more strange behaviors. I cant leave her alone at my house because I am afraid what she will do. Now, I’m wondering, what is too much and when do I draw the line? She is not hurting anyone just weird behavior. And if I “draw the line” what do I do? I don’t nee a crisis team or police at this point, but its almost too much to have to watch day in and day out. I have scheduled appointments for her and will bring it up but they can’t get her in until next month.

No, it’s not almost too much (if she is that in condition). It is “too much,” period. The BMC down there in Loma Linda (on Barton & Terracina) could be a huge help to you on this, but you’ve got to contact them. They know a ton about how to solve these problems.

Its Friday night almost 8pm. is it? okay to call now? what would I say?

No; business hours. Just tell the operator (when you get her) what’s going on. They’ll route you. Probably to an intake social worker.

I called Loma Linda and couldn’t get through to anyone . Ill keep tryi.g today as well. It keeps taking me back to the main greeting and prompts. I also called the crisis team pager and she told me that unless she was the one who called and told me she was an adult. Etc the same stuff I always hear… Its up to her. Ugh! This is so frustrating. I cant convince her to get help and I cant always get her to take her meds. If i tell her, “you have to move out if you don’t” she is planning on moving out anyway. She has doctors appointments but that’s another week away. I’m at a loss. I’m afraid I’m loosing her. She is loosing weight and sometimes leaves for a few days. I feel so lost. Why aren’t there laws so we can help our loved ones and ensure their safety?

We never (truly) possessed them, anyway.

Today is Sunday. Wait until Monday, when the place is fully staffed.

There are, but they are as much for the protection of the innocent as for the empowerment of those who may or may not be. As I said before, you may need to look into conservatorship, but what I am reading again and again more and more suggests to me a policy of just letting go and letting nature take its course. Power struggles rarely work in these deals.

I have been in similar situations with my adult son with sz and “bizarre” or “weird” behavior. I try to keep in mind that it is not bizarre to him. Most of the time if a person with sz is not posing a threat to themselves or others they will not be admitted or even considered for an evaluation even when they refuse meds but if the person is unable to care for themselves (to feed or bathe) they can usually be evaluated and determined if they need to be hospitalized. Make sure you are very specific in stating this when calling for help or even when you go to her appointment. It is very hard to watch when it gets like that with my son I try to get him to voluntarily go to the hospital which most of the time does not work, then I wait for his appointment and request that he be reevaluated by a crisis worker to determine if he needs hospitalization. If he gets violent I do call for help.Unfortunately it sometimes takes a few hospital stays for some people to realize that the meds do help. I hope you stay strong and don’t give up remember any step you take toward helping your daughter means alot.

Thank you for your encouraging words and ideas. I didn’t know they will evaluate if she is unable to take care of herself. She moved out yesterday. This is not a good move, because i believe the guy she moved in with is doing drugs. There is less I can do now, and more worry about her, but I feel a kinda relief because I don’t have to watch the sk symptoms for awhile, which always keeps me on edge and I don’t have to sleep with one eye open. I feel guilty for even feeling relief but its just been so hard. Thanks again

Don’t feel bad we are human and this is a very difficult situation to deal with I often get my best rest and relaxation when my son is hospitalized not to sound cruel I have learned to adapt and take care of myself as I take care ofy son…we will always worry they are our children and we love them I just wanted to remind you that they know who cares and when they really need us they know to come to us if she needs you I’m sure she will come to you, my son did. I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers and do take care of yourself