Voices in the head


when a person is on meds and seems to be doing great, Do they still hear voices? I watched a clip on Anderson cooper where he had to wear head phones and see what it was like and the voices drove him crazy he said he could not get anything done…just wondering


I take my meds nightly and still have voices in my head. It’s more like they’re thoughts of other people running across my mind, or like you’re listening to the radio in pure darkness. Then some times it’s just pure noise of dozens or hundreds of conversations going at once. While the meds help me keep it in my head sometimes I slip and laugh at something in my head. It happens the most when I’m alone, I figure what the hell, I don’t have to explain to anyone what I’m laughing at. So why do I take my meds? Because I’d be a lot worse than if I wasn’t on them, trust me.


I take a hefty dose of antipsychotics, and I still have breakthrough voices. Now, as opposed to in the past, I can easily discern what’s real and what isn’t. The meds have also quieted the voices. They’ve gone from a loud scream at times, down to an unintelligible whisper.


Yes I’m .like that, I think its the meds that help determine what is really going on and what is in my head. Some days they are stronger than others though and I have to work harder to understand the fine line of reality can be tricky sometimes.


I’m pretty used to any voices and rarely get upset when I hear things. One time while getting 75mg shot of Haldol (long acting) every 2 weeks, the voices went quiet, so did I. My head was so quiet it was like a blank slate. After about 8 months I wasn’t happy with the quiet and begged to quit the shots.