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Weight Neutral Anti-Psychotic? And Weight Management when on Antipsychotics


Hi, all. Would like input from anyone who cares to give. My son is on Zyprexa and has been since last summer. He is doing well, but the weight gain!!! Oh my goodness. And it’s not just the weight gain. His doctor wanted some blood work done as I guess Zyprexa can cause high blood sugar. His cholestrol was off the chart (he’s 17 for Pete’s sake!) and some of his other numbers were sky high (triglyciderides) and his thyroid was low. He is presently in a group home doing time for assulting me and my husband last summer. The doctor wanted his bloodwork redone fasting, so they took him to a doctor where he is (3 1/2 hours away from us). The doctor said he wanted to wait a month or so!! I was appalled. I mean his numbers were dangerously high, not to mention his blood pressure. He has gained 50 lbs. since last summer. If anyone knows of an anti-psychotic that is more weight neutral, would love to hear your child’s experience with it. I know everyone is different, but I would like to know a bit about it and then I’ll talk to his doctors. Thanks all.


The only AP that I didn’t see the ferocious appetite accompanying it was Abilify. Anyone else?


Geodon was better than Zyprexa by far. But not “weight-neutral” as some websites claim. My son was never pre-diabetic till he started on all these meds. But they work!


Latuda is supposed to have less weight gain.

One or two of the first generation APs are also “weight neutral”, but with other side effects.

Yes, the weight gain (50 pounds for our family member) and metabolic side effects are awful, but our family member definitely stopped being a danger to self and others, so we felt alright with zyprexa in the risk-benefit analysis. Also, it can have the side effect of sleeping a long time, which our family member appreciated while institutionalized.

Hopefully they will switch him to one that can be injected monthly for when he leaves the group home. (Zyprexa injectable is impractical.)


My son lost weight on Geodon. He put the weight back on after Geodon failed for him and he was switched to another AP.
I have seen others comment on their loved one putting on weight when taking Clozapine, but I think it is weight neutral and my son has lost weight since starting on it.


Thanks to all for your input. I was researching on the Net today and look what I stumbled upon. A drug company is in drug trials for a new anti-psychotic that only causes a very slight weight gain, if any gain at all:


My son was on Abilify but he was agressive when taking that drug (that is when he assulted us). He went in patient for about two weeks after the assault and the p-doc took him off the Abilify and put him on the Zyprexa. He likes it a lot, but his weight just keeps going up. Where he’s at, he’s on a very restricted diet (they only give you so much to eat there and no snacks) and he’s exercising a lot more than when he was at home with a broken leg and ankle. He has gained 10 lbs. in the last month since going there and under those circumstances, that is ridiculous. Has to be the medication.


The weight gain is scary. My husband blew up to 300 lbs. (!) on Zyprexa or similar drug… Then i read up on the side effects. I asked him to talk to his doctor and stop immediately.

All I could think about is he becoming diabetic or have heart problems in addition to his sz. He was switched to another med, Geodon or Risperdae, not sure which. His weight returned to normal.

I’d investigate a switch to another drug.


Just fyi, we had the same experience with Abilify. I guess for some people it works wonders, but if it is the wrong med, then it can be REALLY wrong. It seems the mental health center from which my son was briefly receiving service was prescribing it to just about everybody, touting it as just a terrific drug. It was a huge mistake for my son.


I just remembered that about Abilify and I have the most amount of Abilify than any drug left over. That should tell us something.


I think my son took Abilify for less than a week. It didn’t knock out the voices at all.


Just wanted to let people know about this. One of the best reviews I’ve ever seen of antipsychotic medications was this report done by Consumer Reports magazine (the group that does the independent review of all types of consumer products). Check it out here (also included as an attachment at the bottom of this posting):

Some other good sources of information:


BBD-Antipsychotics-Full.pdf (418.7 KB)


Some other helpful readings:





Abilify works well for my son and he has only gaine about 10lbs over two years of LAI


My daughter gained a lot of weight on Zyprexa as well (she’s now on Clozapine and Latuda). I was told Zyprexa is used for people with anorexia to help them gain weight! She is still overweight but has leveled-off. I told her pediatrician and family members she can be fat or crazy, which do you want? The psychiatrist would not give her Metformin since her blood pressure and sugar are stable.


My grandson gained 135 pounds rather rapidly with Clozapine. He has now managed to take off 65 pounds with a lot of encouragement and a better diet with a small exercise routine. He also takes glucapgage and he did take a cholesterol med but is now off it. We got him off some other meds that were weight gaining and he has done well. Good luck