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Weight gain distress


Hi all,
I wanted to see if any of you with loved ones with sz have any suggestions with regard to the weight gain caused by the meds. My granddaughter struggles so much with the weight she put on last year and her inability to lose it again. She really has not gained any in 6 months but isn’t losing any other. She goes swimming sometimes but the motivation isn’t always there. If I were able to stay with her more, I could probably motivate her more often by going with her, but I have to work. I should be happy that she is well enough to go by herself, which isn’t always the case. It just makes me sad when she gets so distraught over the weight.


Research is showing metformin when used with zyprexa can stop the weight gain! not sure if shes on zyprexa (which is notorious for weight gain) but it could be worth a shot!


Thank you. We added Metformin when the weight gain started (she is on Risperdal) and she stopped gaining but the weight won’t come off. I know it’s frustrating for her. It’s difficult under ‘healthy’ circumstances to lose weight; add sz, depression and lack of motivation and it is a tall task.


This is such a frustrating aspect of many anti-psychotic meds. My son also struggled with this. When he was heavy, it was a vicious cycle, he felt so poorly about himself and about exerting himself, that he tended to be more sedentary, and eat more.

Really all she can do is watch her diet and try to introduce more exercise, both of which can be very difficult for our loved ones. I wonder if insurance would assist with the cost of some personalized support, since the weight gain is definitely disease related.

My son lost weight while on Geodon, but it proved ineffective for his psychosis in the long term. He is now on Clozapine and has again lost a significant amount of weight.


She goes swimming sometimes. Due to a birth defect, it is difficult for her to do treadmill and anything that puts a lot of pressure on her feet. We try to make better food choices and she participated in a nutrition class at the local YMCA. Mostly it would help to get out of the house more to get away from food and boredom. Some days are just not get-out-of-the-house days. Thanks for the suggestions.