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Well-Known Schizophrenia Researcher Acknowledges His Mistakes in Understanding Schizophrenia


Robin Murray is a very well-known schizophrenia researcher based in the UK. Following is a new article where he discusses his evolving understanding of schizophrenia over the years. I think many parents, family members and others might find it interesting (its a long article):

Mistakes I have made in my Research Career:

Some youtube videos of him describing his research:

SOPSI 2015 Robin Murray Environmental risk factors in schizophrenia


ROBIN MURRAY Schizophrenia as progressive disorder?




I read it all. There was a lot of scary talk in there about long-term use of high-dosage anti-psychotics, but what else is anyone offering to help?

He kind of waffled around all the different potential causes, but common sense would say there are multiple causes to this very individual disease.

He ended with what I thought was going to be some hope until I reread it. He said that we were already looking at an end to the “concept” of schizophrenia because they were starting to categorize by cause, so that the term would go away. I’m not sure what good that will do. No matter what you call these disorders, they’re terrible things to have to go through.

I really don’t mean to sound so critical, but it just left me with a feeling that these so-called experts really don’t have a clue, no matter how hard they are working on trying to find one. The only good thing is that they continue to work on it and we can hope for some kind of a breakthrough.

Sorry to be a bummer tonight.


I am also feeling cynical. All I read into stuff like this is pretty soon there will be zero treatment or social supports for people with the illness that no longer exists because it doesn’t even have a name scientists can agree on.


I read some of it but found it as @slw described a bummer. It sounded so hopeless and negative and I can’t go there. It also left me a feeling that this individual may just be another doctor looking to make a name for himself and trying to cash in with another theory. BUMMER indeed.