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What exactly is a psychotic / manic / hypomanic episode and the difference between them?


My wife has these following symptoms 24/7 and has done for a few months: she constantly hears voices, sees things, has delusional thinking, thinks I’m not her husband/I’m a partial husband/I’m one of 3 husbands. She’s been like this continually for a couple of months now.

These things don’t change, they are constantly there, but what does drastically change is her behaviour. Sometimes she’s a) very angry and shouts and screams and swears for hours on end at the voices/people/situation b) quiet and calm, but still talks to the voices, but in a much more calm way - “oh, who’s that” she might say for example. c) she’s in incontrolable anguish, she rolls on the floor and weeps and screams but this not not screaming in anger but due to sadness - sadness that her husband isn’t there (even though I’m right next to her), or sadness that I won’t tell here what’s going on and what’s happening (she weeps and pleads with me to tell whats happening but I can’t - she has anosognoisa, and if I even attempt to suggest or allude she might be ill she screams even more as she thinks I’m misleading her).

Is a psychotic episode this entire combined collection of behaviours or a subset of it? If its the entire things then when she’s in a very angry and shouting mood does that have its own specific terminology to describe it?


I don’t have an answer for you but it sounds like she is in constant psychosis which is what I believe my son went through for sometime before medication. I was not his (real) Mom. They say that can happen to people with sz. He thought I was an imposter. I’m sorry you are going through this. It’s not easy and many of us have been in similar situations.