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What is helpful to do when a loved one is hospitalized?

My son is in the hospital and I am wondering what others have found helpful to do. Because of Covid, I don’t think we will be allowed to visit, and even sending a change of clothing is prohibited these days. The location is two hours drive away.

II am wondering how others collaborated with staff, doctors, etc. Please share what you found helpful when you were going through a chapter like this.

Thanks. :blush:

When my son was in the hospital prior to his unit being totally closed - we would meet out side for a visit and than it totally closed to visitation. And I would use ( delivery service) and send him DQ or pizza he loved that and it was allowed because it was prepared commercially - so proper provisions. They would not allow anything if I prepared it at home. We would talk to him via phone every day( he didn’t want to use cell phone or any electronics ) - it was a very quick conversation because he wasn’t very talkative but we both enjoyed it and he would call his brother as well. I talked to the nurses ever day - they were my eyes and they were so kind and shared everything with me- I would talk to his physiatrists every week and get an update. We really missed seeing him but those few things did help. He gave me permission / consent to talk to doctors and nurses. Hope this helps take care


@A_loving_mom …keep being supportive…and DONT bother trying to put pressure on him to be a “success” in life …im not saying you do but its something i would say to all parents of sz kids…sz is very stressful